Stylist Luiz Eduardo Petrone: “I love fashion and the conception that I am be able to show to the beholder´s eyes: Feeling, Passion, Evolution”

22 jun, 2011

Hello World of Models family, I´m Luiz Eduardo, stylist and I was born and raised in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


I am son of a dressmaker and I studied Fashion and Journalism. My personal interests are work, work and work, even in my spare time I always think about working!. I enjoy reading books, mags, listening music and travelling

I don’t have major references into the fashion world, I am the kind of person that goes strictly to the point. Love me or leave me lol!


The conception of my work is not totally fashionable. It’s all about the facts/happenings of life that tracts my attention.



Fashion, a glamorous world?

I love fashion and the conception that I am be able to show to the beholder´s eyes: Feeling, Passion, Evolution. It´s a tough world with so much dazzling and falsehood, but it is a business where your professionalism is measured by people who work hard So, it´s not the glamour that really matters in this business.


The new generation of male and female models: only the real good models will remain

The market for a new generation of male and female models is amazing. Every day we have a new face, but only few ones will  be successful, because nowadays everyone wants to be a model. And after the modeling career, they want to become actor/actress to be on TV and on movies. So, we have new faces coming to fashion world but also lots of them just disapear. Only the few ones and the real good models remain.


UPS  and DOWNS on fashion trends

I don’t like fashion trends! Today everything is trend. We see it in showrooms, fashion shows! I think everyone has its own style

The worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion business?

The economic crisis has a huge impact on budgets (that have been decreasing each year), we see much more new faces in the catwalks instead of top models as we used to see some time ago, brands using cheaper materials for their collections. I think fashion world is always in financial crisis and in Brazil PRICE is the name of the game. We have to deal with a tough negotiation in this industry.


His hints for a modeling career: The key of the success

The key of the success is TALENT + WORK, and be professional and honest in what you do.

The upside of a modeling career is the opportunity to travel and know different cultures, languages and people. The downside: a short career with so many traps along the way,




An unforgettable moment

My talent been recognized.

As a producer I have an amazing ability to discover new models for my editorials so lots of small agencies, bookers, agents always contact me to look for models from my casting.

 Having fun: movies, restaurants, parties, dancing in GLS clubs (cool musics!), travel

Upcoming projects: Work, Work and more work! There is one thing that I have not done yet: be a stylist for a fashion show

Big hug and don´t you ever forget: with perseverance, honesty and talent you´ll achieve your goals!

Luiz Eduardo Petrone

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