Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model Luiz Paulo Arashiro

16 set, 2012

Hello World of Models family, my name is Luiz Paulo Arashiro, 21 years old and I was born in Santos, the hometown of my bud Ed too.

I´m a model and I study performing arts too cause I want to become a professional actor someday to act in movies, tv and theater too

I always enjoyed the modeling world but never tried to pursue this career, so one day I was walking down the street and an agent approached me and

invited me to become a model. This really encouraged me to grab this opportunity and since them I´ve working hard, always with my family´s support

My first test shooting was a commercial for a roasted chicken´s company, but I didn´t do it cause I didn´t have a driver´s license that time

Best thing about modeling is to be able to meet new cultures, people, so many unique life styles around the world. It is really amazing!

Working with the photographeers is really cool, specially when we have a professional teamwork. Focus, concentration, all together working to achieve the best results!

My previous preparation is basically a facial stretching :)

A funny backstage´s story? Once I was in a test shooting for an ice cream company and I had to show the qualities of the product. Then a female model next to me started to show to the audience how to lick a delicious ice cream, Hmmm u guys can imagine her incredible performance :)

The fashion industry for male models is getting better, but women still rule

Me, a famous model surrounded by a huge audience?

Hmmm, a huge adrenaline cause this situation never happened to me before. I think I´d find it exciting, funny and I´d try to talk to everyone. Fans always support our work, so I do my best to make them happy

Friendship for me is trength, compassion, encouragement. It is difficult to summarize in one word. It´s one of the most valuable things in our lives. And when have love, we got the balance, a strong connection

Soccer is my fav sport

My way to have fun is to be with my family, friends, playing sports, go to the beach, malls

Eyes are my fav body part. Eyes are the window to the soul

In my Ipod Ne-yo, Basshunter

Temaki is my fav food

Ck white is my fav underwear all the way


If I weren´t a model I´d be an actor, sports nutritionist or a psychologist

I´m in Bangkok now in my first international modeling experience and it´s been great so far!


“Yes, I can”

Thanks for having me World of Models. As I told you before, I intend to focus on my modeling career and also I hope to become a professional actor


Luiz Paulo Arashiro

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