Baixada Santista rocks, the series: Luiza Anacleto

05 out, 2014

Hello World of Models family, I´m from Praia Grande, a city located in the the coast of São Paulo. Praia Grande.

Luiza Anacleto

I participated in the Menina Fantástica Contest and I was one of the finalists but I was not selected. Luckily I met a great booker and he invested in my modeling career.

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Posing to photographers: super heroes´ styles 

I was very nervous in my first shooting, but after 5 minutes shooting I got relaxed and fell in love for modeling world.

I like when a photographer has a good vibe and treat me well, so we both can have fun and do a great job. My special previous preparation let my mind free of any problem, be happy and focus on what I have to do.

Once when I was China I did a catalogue wearing  super heroes’ clothes  and the whole  team and me joked  a lot every time I needed to change my super heroes´s look. Such a funny and stylish performing :)








The catwalks



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It´s the best feeling ever when I´m walking down the catwalk. It’s a funny moment too cause I feel a huge adrenaline, thoughts come to my mind like “GoLLuiza, you can do that, you are the best, you look fantastic”  

I´ve already walked for Fashion Rio, Shanghai Fashion Week, Elle Shanghai Show,  Casa de Criadores, Ale Brito, Rosa Chá, Dudu Bertholini, Gloria Coelho (lookbook), Colcci (showroom), Carla Gaspar (LookBook).

Male models are getting more exposure into the fashion industry

Yes, I think so. male models are growing up in this scene, they are getting more recognition into the fashion industry.

My favorite model is Kate Moss, she really knows how to do it and Gisele also! These both top models are still doing a wonderful work.  Concerning male models, I like Sean O’Pry, wow those eyes :)









Luiza, a fashionista?

Hahaha, I don’t think so. Sometimes I try to wear stylish clothes, but  but my style is very simple. I enjoy the basics.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Wow, I relly can’t imagine that situation!. Maybe I’d talk to all my fans, take pics and I´d be a little nervous with all situation!

On show business

It´s a tough business, but you can get a lot of opportunities.

Dating X Loving: Loving :)

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Sports: Running, Roller skater, Swimming and sometimes I try Surfing

Super powers and Superheroes

Absolutely I´d love to fly, I always dream about this sensation. My fav super hero? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying the best of life

 Flirting with a smile.

I have so much fun and great feelings on the beach. That´s my favorite place to relax but I also love chilling out  with my friends and listen a good song

The craziest  thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season

Hahaha, almost getting married with a summer love

 Fav body part

All parts, hahah :) kidding! I like my mouth 

Earliest childhood memory and nickname in school

Learning how to swim with my father

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Nickname in school: Euvisa

Yourself in 10 years: Among the top 50 worldwide models

Music and food

Amy Winehouse has a wonderful voice! I love classical music, reggae and rock’n’roll.

My fav food is  lasagna !!

If you weren ́t a model you ́d be…

A Diplomat

Next chapters

Working hard to become an international and renowned worldwide model. And I thank GOD for taking me to the right direction and allowing to meet such good people. Here I go folks!


Contact info

Agência Capuano

Schultz Management

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor