Luis Vilela: some highlights on his career as a professional fashion photographer!

22 jul, 2011


Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil zil zil!

Hello World of Models family, how are you guys doing? I´m Luis Vilela, brazilian, professional photographer and I was born in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais.

I started my career as a fashion photographer in 1996.

Before photography, I used to work as a celebrity make up artist

My style? Hmmmm…. It´s cool, I love working with lights, shadows and grains.

My influences are the popular and the profane. Photographers like Steven Meisel and Steven Klein. In Brazil, Henrique Gendre.

Worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography? Only for those who aren´t good photographers! Professionalism is the key to atract and maintain loyal customers.

Working with the models and celebrities

I´m really happy about them. It´s just like a teamwork. It´s a mutual admiration and respect! I´ve photographed many well-known models, like  Barbara Fialho, Martha Streck, Bruno Santos, Thiago Alves, Henzo. What I most like about them is their attitude they express through the cams but sometimes I get upset when I do not get a simple feedback!

The perfect moments, the perfect pictures

It´s just like a spiritual and magic experience, because sometimes when I´m clicking, I see photometry lights!

Unusual backstages´ moments

It really pisses me off! I really don´t like at all.


Sometimes yes, mostly yes!

The upcoming projects

I can´t tell you guys about my upcoming projects at this moment folks. But stay tuned cause it will be a blast!


Contact info:

Luis Vilela, the photographer 


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