Lucy Malik: “You don’t think a lot while walking down. It’s like dancing, you listen to the music and just start moving”

10 set, 2016


Hey, I’m Lucy and was born and raised in the world’s coolest city Berlin. As everyone I love enjoying myself. For me that’s mostly travelling, getting to know new cultures and having fun with my friends. Also i have a lot of energy so i am down for anything action packed.


Model´s life

A model scout discovered me. To be honest I wasn’t super interested and had been addressed a couple of times before but this time I was offered some goodies and vouchers, which the agency had received from some clients if I came in for a talk which made me go haha


The first tests went astonishingly well. I’ve never been very shy so I had fun and was pretty lucky being able to work with great photographers. I actually loved it and quickly knew that I wanted to pursue modeling.

 The best thing is definately the travelling aspect. You get to know so many people and cities and a lot about yourself. When your surroundings are changed frequently you quickly understand what is most important for your own happiness.


I live in Germany and being a black model here is very difficult. For example fashion shows; its not unusual to hear a caster comment with “unfortunately we already chose one black model”. Or some time ago my agent told me that many online shops would not want black models. But i have the feeling that it’s slowly improving.

 Posing to photographers: incorporating her own ideas

I love to work with photographers who don’thave an exact vision of what the picture is supposed to look like yet. That makes me able to move more freely and incorporate my own ideas, too. 


Just recently I shot completely nude with Ryan McGinley. This being the first time i thought i might be uncomfortable. But him and the whole team just kind of ignored the fact tbat i was naked which made me (almost) forget about it too

  The runway shows


You don’t think a lot while walking down.  It’s like dancing,  you listen to the music  and just start moving.

I get a little nervous right before I walk out sometimes. Just because different to photo shoots you only have one take to get it right. But the moment you’re out on the runway you forget about the nervousness and just enjoy everything.

I remember I was wearing the final dress for this one show during fashion week. The last dresses are often a little   more tricky. So it took longer than expected to dress me and everyone started freaking out. My dressers pushed me while dressing me simultaneously. So the dress was finally on but i feel that one of my shoes isn’t closed yet. The next thing i notice is being pushed outside.

 Well, that could’ve ended better…. 





Male models x Female models 

Female models still rule this business, even though male models do have a much higher exposure than they used to.

 Lucy´s style: a fashionista?



I looooove clothes. It completely depends on my mood what I’ll wear though. It changes from a little grungy to girly in a days time. But I love clashing with the style. And I’m totally into chunky booties!

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

What do you mean “imagine”? that happens to me on a daily basis hahaa . I guess I’d be flattered

On show business

I am very thankful that thanks to show business i was able to meet unbelievable talented, interesting people.It gives you the opportunity to be who ever you want to be. But you should never forget that it’s still a business and a very superficial one at times.


Dating X Loving

For a first date probably something cute/cool rather than sexy,sporty or super fashionable. Later whatever i feel like


very very chill..maybe to chill.. i notice holes in my gym pants sometimes 

Superpowers and super heroes


Storm- just because she looks damn cool


Atracting someone´s attention

 I think everyone is attracted by joyful people. So just have fun and I’m sure you’ll catch his attention.

Funfor me: i love cooking with my friends and family or going to summer open airs and festivals and adventuring new cities

Craziest thing in a summer time season

My friends and I jumped over the fence of a lido at night, if I can still get in trouble for it please don’t publish this :)

 Music and Food

 That varies extremely, i like a lot of different genres but being a Berlin kid i’m passionate about electronic music.

 I love cooking so there’s so many different dishes I love. But i could always eat prawns and hokaido pumpkin


Guilty pleasure

bakeries… we have the absolute best in Germany and I guess I’m an addict

Fav body part and why

My elf ear, just because I learned liking it. When i was younger I seriously considered surgery. But modeling taught me to accept many of my supposed flaws

 Earliest childhood memory

Im sure i have earlier once but the first one that just came into my mind was my little brother sharpening my finger with a pencil sharpener!!


 Nickname in school

I was called poccahontas a lot.

Yourself in 10 years

In ten years? I’m not even sure about next year. I just hope i will be healthy and happy

 Fav booking so far and why

 i had so much fun working for CK One in the box some time ago. the only thing they asked for is to have fun and freak out. that’s what I do best! :)


If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 Maybe an architect, interior designer or mathematician

An unforgettable moment

Travelling for the first time!


it’s a good day to have a good day

Lucilla Malik


 Agency: Women 360 model management

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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