Luccas de Capra: “The fashion industry has grown so quickly and in large scales, making sense all this competition around the globe”

07 mar, 2015

I was born in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Before I started  modeling (2009) I was studying physical education  at the university.  When I moved to São Paulo I decided to put the studies on hold.



GZ - Mag

I got discovered in a mall when a girl approached me and started asking me a few questions about modelling, so she gave me her card and said: ”call me”. It was the tip-off! 

A year later in the biggest city of Brazil, I received an opportunity to work abroad as a model.  

During  my 8-year-old-modeling-career  I had a pleasure to work with so many professionals who helped me to ”build” me as a model and be recognized by them. My first modeling goal  is to ”leave a message”,  in other  words, to write my story. The way I live, the way I see the life and the respect for others.




I always do everything with love and dedication. In general small things don’t call my attention, but at same time I do have ambitious but not for ”status”, just to be recognized as a great person and model as well. I see all this like the ”icing on the cake” to any career. It is just a result of your work.

  For me a successful person isn’t that one who has achieved all their goals as well as a  real understanding of life, it is something beyond us. That´s what I am looking for.

Posing to photographers



 I do prefer working for catalogues, magazine editorials and campaign. In this kind of job, I believe we can get closer to the professionals behind the camera, so we can interact more with them and make things easier and productive.


I really enjoy when the photographers suggest new things during the shooting, specially if they know how to use the lights, shadows and scenario. It´s like: ”You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”  :) 


Before starting any job I thank and pray a little bit for everything during the shooting  runs perfectly and the whole team do a great job and be happy with the results.

 The runway shows 

 I have a commercial profile, which doesn’t fit much with catwalks, but one of my favorites was  for the Giovanni Valentino´s brand during the celebration of his 105th anniversary.

Models and the fashion industry

I see the whole world more and more competitive and very hard to work also. I think the fashion industry has grown so quickly and in large scales, making sense all this competition around the globe. Still in these days everyone is working.

Marlon Teixeira is a role model for me. When I was just starting on modeling he moved to Milano and step by step built  his name and respect. If a new face starts in the modeling right now, Marlon is one of the models to have your eyes on, not only as professional but also for his attitude.






Luccas´ fashion style  

I do not consider myself a fashionisto, but I do like fashion. Usually I wear comfortable clothes even if I have castings.  

I have my own style, it depends on my mood. I can wear something more elegant and classic or simply something more underground and basic, but always with style.

 Once I went in a casting wearing pants, sleepers, muscle shirt and holding a skateboard. The client said it was very original style and liked it! J We can’t show something that doesn’t match with us.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

Once I was in a small village in China and. I went for a coffee outside of the studio.  People started to look at me with a surprising faces and they started to take a lot of pictures. Not because I was famous, but because a foreigner in China looks real different for them. Well, after that I couldn’t even get my coffee and I went back to the studio. haha. It was funny!


VISA白金-01 copy




On show business 

Sow business is here, there and everywhere, Everyone can see it, e, everyone can see it, but it doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything they propose to us. As understanding, we need the show biz as much as they need us. We control the system not the other way around. 

Dating x Loving 

I’m in a relationship, so no datings for me or for her. haha. 


Surfing, Soccer, Basketball and Skating.

Having fun, enjoying life 

I recently read ”The Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama. It´s is an awesome book and I highly recommend it. I like to be free and travel around the world as much as I can. Today I see the world with no boarders anymore. Visiting different cultures, people and places is priceless. In a few days I will grab my surfboard and I will go to Bali for surfing, that’s my way of enjoying life. :)



Music and Food 

I like hip-hop, rock, surf music and reggae. My favorite food is that one done by my grandma and it calls cannelloni. This one is special! hehehe.

 Luccas in a good shape



 Well, living in a foreigner country isn’t easy. Specially for establishing a routine to do some exercises and workout for your body and mind. But the most important is to do something that you really enjoy, because if you do something boring you will give up sooner or later. I do meditation early in the morning and also in the night. During the day I used to go to the gym for workout and do some functional training. I love to run but my metabolism is to fast then i ust do it twice a week.  

I also skateboard and walk a lot. Eating isn’t actually a problem, since I’m always moving around hehe But I do prefer something more natural and rich in fibers. Protein and carbs are always welcome!

 Yourself in 10 years




Before I starting modeling I never thought I would be here, but now I don’t see myself out of it, hehe. Everyone can do what your desire tells you to do. My favourite quote is: ”Be the change you want to see in the World” – Mahatma Gandhi

Next Chapters 

I have a few upcoming projects, but it’s actually kinda secret , so I can´t share with u guys now, but I´ll let  u guys know. I just be ableto say that is something to related to social work with  children.

Thanks World of Models family and I hope everyone have a great 2015 ahead!

Cheers. Peace and Light!



Mother agency: Fun Models Management 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor