Lucas Mutinelli, the model who came from south

25 jan, 2011

Hi folks, I´m Lucas Mutinelli, brazilian, 17 years old, I was born in Porto Alegre, located in the south region of Brazil and I´m now in Paris, living my first international modeling experience! 





Social network

I was invited to become a model through a social network. After reading about  the fashion world I decided to give a try. My aim as a model is to travel around the world, meeting new people, cultures, life style. This profession allow us to face new exciting experiences!





Always ready for the shootings!

Working with photographers is just like a cool partnership. I usually like to talk previously to them, read about their styles before posing to them. Being a model means that u must be ready for the action, once they start to click.



I haven´t worked with large international stylists yet, but I´m getting ready for my first international catwalk, so stay tuned folks, more to come u bet yeah!

A fashionista?

I think so, haha. I use to wear the same clothes you see in my shootings.I like to dress well.


The world nowadays

For better or worse, world has been changing. Human Rights? Everyone has the right to choose what we want to be.

Fame, Success and 5 most important things for his life

Fame and Success are the result of a good and professional job
# 1 Familly to support me in every single moment of my life
# 2 Character: have a strong personality to overcome obstacles
# 3 Health – we are nothing without it
#4 Willpower – to move on and never stops
# 5 Responsibility – something that everyone should have

Lucas by himself

Dating X Love:  something that requires much patience and responsibility. I prefer dating when older.
Sports: Running, Basketball and skateboard longboard.
Having fun: I like going out, visiting new places, sightseeing and surfing the net
Fav body part: legs and face.
Undies: boxer briefs.
Fav band: Linking Park, In The End, Faint.
Food: salad, chicken and barbecue.
An unforgettable moment: my first time living alone in São Paulo city

Motto: “Going forward, what is meant to be will be”

Big Hug!

Lucas Kowalczuk Mutinelli
Mother agency: Glam Models

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