Meet the brazilian model Lucas Mascarini

14 mai, 2016

Hi, my name is Lucas Mascarini. I am from a small town called Sao Carlos, located inside of the state of Sao Paulo, southeast of Brazil.  




Modeling: how did all begin

I was 16 years old and my school had a contest to choose the school’s most beautiful guy and girl. I didn’t win this contest but the person in charge of this  event  invited me  to participate to a modeling contest.called Elite Model Look contest 2002 and I got the first place. I was selected among  50.000 thousand boys and girls. Thats how I started it. :)


My first job was the São Paulo Fashion week. I did 7 fashion shows. After that I also had a campaign for the brazilian brand Vide Bula. Then  I got bigger jobs,and as a matter of fact I didn’t expect being a model or didn’t even know modeling was for boys. Everything was a big surprise for me.


After my first jobs in Brazil, I flew to Milan, one year later. There I got an exclusive contract for the brand Jil Sander. This job opened me a lot of other doors. Clients started to hear from me and other jobs started coming. Then I learn, everything is connected on modeling, one thing leads to the other ones.

Posing to photographers







Every photographer has an unique approach and style, so they work in different ways, some of them are more artistic and creative than others.They wanna see your movements and ideas. Others are more commercial and stationary, they already put you on some exactly position they want or define the way the shooting is gonna be. It also depends of which product you are working for.

I´ve already worked with many famous photographers, like Phil Pointer, Willy Wanderpierre, Paolo Roversi, Terry Richardson, Jean Paulo Sgura, Michelangelo and David Armstrong.

And yes, I did a nude shooting already. It was for a spanish magazine called Hercules with the famous italian photographer Sgura.  I shot with the brazilian model Lea T and the shooting had a big impact back on the days. I could say I didn’t feel really uncomfortable I remember, it was ok. After that I shot other 2 times naked as well. Actually it is easier than it looks.






The runway shows

Walking for fashion shows is nice. A good experience, especially for the new faces models. After a while you don’t really feel the excitement anymore.

I have done so many fashion shows that I honestly lost the excitement about it eheheh. That adrenaline about walking out there(which is a nice thing about it) disappeared after a while.





Of course I still keep  walking for runway shows, but then you start seeing a fashion show like any other job.

 I´ve already walked for JIl Sander, Prada, Alexander Mcqueen, Bottega Venetta, Calvin Klein, Ermanno Scervino, Yves Saint Lauren, Louis Vuiton, N21, Alessandro Dell’acqua, Kenzo, Emporio and Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Lacoste, Miu – Miu, John Varvatos, Burberry Prosum, just to name a few :)

The fashion market for the models









I think that modeling can be divided in Before and After Instagram,. so, in my opinion, beauty now is more important than anything else, even more than the personality, .more than your character or any talent you might have. For example, now clients choose models by Instagram and everything happens really fast. They can look at your pictures daily and don’t even have to leave their houses for doing so.

No client wanna sit to you anymore and see how your personality,  they don’t even talk to you anymore. it is just  about images and followers and likes..I personally don’t like it, but that’s how the world goes and everybody gotta follow it right.

Lucas having fun and enjoying life


On my free time I like to chill out with my friends.  I really enjoy a good meal and a nice conversation.. I love wine and, jogging and football!! Sometimes i swim as well. Once in a while I read a book and like to do some writing too. My favorite food is Roasted lamb or a good italian pizza :)

Nickname at school

Grampolon.It is a long story ahahah!!






Favorite parfum: Burberry Classic




Next  Chapters


My future projects: I really have this dream about living in a beach somewhere in the northeast of Brazil.. Got some friends that wanna open a bar close to the beach over there and everything is looking very promising. I think I will actually do that pretty soon .. really hope so : )




30 years old 

Height 6,1 1/2 Chest 37 1/2 Waist 30 Hips 37

Shoes 9 


Worlwide represented by the following agencies

Fashion (Milan)

Marylin (Paris)

Supa (London)

W (South Korea)

Bravo (Japan)

Fusion Models (New York)

Uno (Spain)

Divo Mgmt(Brazil)

We are Models (Portugal)


Avenue (Singapore)

Izaio (Germany)

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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