Meet the actor Lucas Escarcello

23 jun, 2012

Hello everyone!

I´m the guy who came from the south region of Brazil. I´m an actor, I love the performing arts and I´ve been acting in such different plays for adults and children, and also musicals.

Recently, I´ve acted on a brazilian soap opera “Aquele beijo” by Miguel Falabella, broadcasted by Globo network.

Being a model

It was a result of my work as an actor. All I do is acting and let it flows. All this process is really natural to me

Working with photographers

Before every shooting I always do a research on the subject the photographer is working. I really believe we are a teamwork, so it´s very important that we work in a same “mood”. It´s a balance, it´s the chemistry that will turn out great pics! And I feel lucky to have worked with great photographers like Naldo Miranda, Alex Santana, just to name a few.

Any unusual backstage´s moment?

Hmmmm. Well, once I had to drink vodka during the whole shooting! That was the funniest situation ever. The test shooting was pretty funny too.

Male and female models into the fashion world

I think there´s a market for everyone, just go for it!

Lucas, a fashionista?

I enjoy wearing classic clothes. I love the basics. Simple is sophisticated.

The fans

It´s one of the coolest things the fact I have fans that always support me in my acting career. They give me strenght and inspire  me to work harder to do a great job. Love them!

Most important things for his life

And talking about love, I think it´s one of the most important things in my life. Let´s share and spread love folks!

Health and as my grandma say “being healthy!”

An unforgettable moment

All the people I love


Focus and Simplicity

The Projects

I´m now in a national tour of a cool play called “O Reino Encantado” and lots of exciting new projects coming soon. so stau tuned folks!, I also want to go to New York to see those fantastic Broadway´s musicals and here in Brazil I hope to work someday with Charles Moeller and Claudio Botelho, they simply rock my world! If u guys never ever heard about them, well, check them out!!!

Thanks for having me World of Models family!

Kisses and hugs

Full name: Lucas Escarcello

Age: 22

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