Lucas Arantes: “Modeling and Acting are 2 careers that can allow me to search for new horizons and also will give me some important tools for my professional skills”

03 abr, 2011

First off, thank you guys for allowing me to share my story with you. Pleasure to be a member of the World of Models family!. I´m a brazilian model, born in Piumhi, located in the state of Minas Gerais, but I was raised in Belo Horizonte, the capital city of this state. After spending such great moments living in this city, I finally arrived in  São Paulo, one of the main cities of Brazil and where the fashion morld means real business. And I have to thank for all great support and energy I´ve been receiving cause It´s not easy arriving here alone and focus on a modeling career. It´s a very competitive career, I have a great confidence in GOD, my spiritual guru, so here I go folks, I won´t give up on my dreams!

I decided to become a model, after I had a serious injury in my body when I used to play soccer. Yup yup, my dream was to become a professional soccer player, but then they showed me a new way: a modeling career and I decided to grab this new opportunity. I was really shy in the beggining, the first test shooting was awful, but then I just let it flows and things came naturally to me. The best thing about modeling is to do what you love to do, find a way to be happy with it and hva fun.

Acting is also another passion of mine and besides modeling I intend to focus a career into the performing arts. Acting came to me in a very tough moment of my life, and helped me out to deal with the cameras, to be more confident, ONe of my first roles was playing a drunk guy. More to come you bet!

So, Modeling and Acting are 2 careers that can allow me to search for new horizons and also will give me some important tools for my professional skills.


Working with the photographers: a previous talking, a great result!

The best way to achieve a great result when posing to photographers is to have a previous talking to them. It´s really importanto to read about their styles, how do they work ahd have fun doing what you love to do! I just remember a job I did for a callendar and I had my body painted and it took 4 people to paint my body cause I´m really tall (1,90m) lol, but the final result turned great!

The Mag Stern project:working with top model Fernanda Tavares

This cool project was something that came very fast to me. My former international agent informed me that they wanted a model for an international editorial and it would be take place in Rio de Janeiro. So, I was one of the chosen male models, along with Rodrigo Calazans, Maikel Castro, Samuel Vieira and Diogo Rodrigues.

And guess what guys, we did this editorial with the top model Fernanda Tavares! I was very excited for that, it was an amazing experience during the 4 days in an apartment located in Rio de Janeiro. She is a very professional model. As a matter of fact, the whole team did a terrific job.  And, of course, lots of funny backstages´moments. You guys can see the results in this page!!

The catwalsks

I´ve already walked for several fashion designers and one of the most unforgettable moments was when I opened my first catwalk show. It was such a huge adrenaline! 

Lucas on sports, family, friendship, fame, show business…..

Playing soccer with my buddies, playing guitar, going to the beadh, having fun, enjoy the best of life and always being my family.

Faith, Love, Health, honesty and endurance. Focus on these words!

Friendship means a lot to me, it´s so cool to share all moments in our lives with people we love.

My way to atracting someone´s attention? Hmmm, in a first moment people get impressed because of my height (lol!), but I try to be myself. In other words, I´m a simple guy who enjoys life and loves Nature.

Being a famous model and surrounded by a huge crowd? Hmmm, never happened to me but that would be an awesome situation.  A little bit scared I must confess, but I´d give my best to attend all my fans.

Fame and success are the recognition of your professional job. But never forget where you come from, your friends, family, they always be around you to give all the support we need to live the life and face the challenges that we have to deal with.

I think my mouth is my favorite body part, hmmmm, I mean, you guys just take a look in that irresistible smile lol!!

My favorite underwear would be not underwear at all for those cool sexy moments lol lol lol!

The craziest thing I´ve ever done in a summertime season was hunting with my brother, cousin and aunt during a dawn

In my IPOD I hear all kinds of music (bossa nova, samba rock, groove, rock) and my favorite musician is the guitar player Slash.
Salad, salad and more salad. No questions about it folks, this is my fav food.


The Projects

I´m in Milan now focusing on my international modeling career and as I told you before, I intend to work in the performing arts as a professional actor, so stay tunes folks cause there it comes Lucas Pereira Arantes ohhhh yeahhhhhh!!

Contact info: Spartan Productions
Eduardo Assis – Spartan Productions

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