Luana Mourat: “There are many models I admire. GISELE for sure and a male model I really like is Ben Hill”"

17 mar, 2013

Hi, I’m Luana Mourat, 27 years, brazilian model. I’m a blessed person, happy with what I have, I’m full of life.

I was 16 when my agent discovered me, it was never my dream but once I got out there it became my life. The best thing about modeling is definitely to meet new people and cultures. I love that!  

Working with photographers: music and communication. Posed naked already?  

I love when they can communicate, when they like music. The first time you work with new people takes time It’s all about energy for me. :) I don’t mind been naked it depends on the job. Funny story. Once in China the photographer had a snake in the studio and God I hate snakes, they had to take it somewhere else.  

Male models X Female models

We rule, but I think that´s becaude we buy more, it’s only fair. :)   There are many models I admire. GISELE for sure and a male model I really like is Ben Hill

A fashionista?  

I’m very basic. I’m a T-Shirt and jeans kind of girl. The only thing I buy from famous brands is bags, I love Chanel and Balanciaga.  

 Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!  

I wake up (LOL) I like to think that I’m good in what I do, but I’m not famous. :)  but if I was I would find funny  

Dating X Loving  

Sexy and confidant  


Comfortable and colorful  

Atracting someone´s attention  

 With a smile :)  

Having fun, enjoying life   

The beach, I love summer been close to my family and friends, I don’t need any anything else

The craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season   

What happens in Carnival stays in Carnival  

   In her IPOD  

Jason Mraz / I won’t give up. I love all kinds of music  

Fav food   


Your guilty pleasure: 

I don’t really have any, but when I go home for the first week. I eat as much as I can.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…  

A singer but I don’t have a good voice! Soit is good to be a model.

     An unforgettable moment   

Going to work in Cuba  


Do all you can, with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are :)   

Full name: Luana Mourat   Agency: MGM Models Hamburg