Linda Oliver: “As a 5’10” brunette half mexican model in the United States I fill a niche in an industry that tends to favor lighter features”.

12 abr, 2015

I love to get my hands dirty. I’m a tomboy in a models body. Motorcycles. I’m far from that southern belle who was born in Texas. My roots are not blonde, rather they are Mexican, Irish and Native American. On a sunny day I can do a rain dance that is a mix between breakdancing and the jig.


I love to build stuff. I don’t follow instructions. I am just as good with a Makita as I am with a Manolo. I love to wear heels and stand over the crowd.

Linda (5)

Becoming a model

In a way, modeling kinda chose me. In high school, I was a tall lanky tomboy that never paid attention to her feminine side. When I blossomed, my features popped. I love to look put together. I love being pretty in makeup. I discovered that I was comfortable in front of a camera.

Once I decide modeling was for me, I went full throttle and took matters in my  own hands. I applied to a prestigious modeling school in Houston where I was awarded a full scholarship. There learned how to handle the camera and honed my skills on and off the runway.




I was discovered in New York. I went to a several open calls and shortly after I landed a contract.

What a joke. No matter how prepared you are for your first shoot everything kinda went wrong. I wore too much makeup and felt like a raccoon. I forgot that there is more than one pose so all my pictures looked the same. Thank God, for second chances.

The best part about modeling is traveling the world. I’ve been to some amazing places and made some great friends.

Posing to Photographers: creativity and connection


What I like most when working with a photographer is the creativity and connection within the shoot. Every photographer I have worked with is different. The photographer is the one that makes every shot count and before the shoot I stretch out my body so I wont be too stiff.

One backstage story that sticks in my mind is when one of the male models decided to make fun of the girls and wore one of our dresses and even put on high heels. From behind he actually looked great, and the press even napped a photo of the “hot models” backstage. If that wasn’t funny enough, he tried to walk in heels and fell on his butt. 

The runway shows


I love the adrenaline rush the runway provides. I´ve already walked for (In no particular order) to Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Moschino, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Carlos Miele, Nicole Miller, TOUS, ARGYLECULTURE, LaQuan Smith, BLK DNM, H&M, Diesel, Barneys, FRAME Jeans, G-Star, Levis, Delta, Castro, Ronen Chen, Tamnoon, Renuar, Golf, Ronen Farch, Gidon Oberzon, Yaron Minkovski, Sasson, Almbika, Raziela, Comm Il Faut, Golbary, and others.

When I´m walking down the catwalk I just think Float, Linda… Float.




Male models x Female models

Male models are definitely getting more exposure and work. One of my close friends is a successful androgynous model. So I guess, women can play that card too.

Christy Turlington is my fav female model. She’s a classic beauty and has longevity.  

And what about the black models into this industry?

Linda (3)

As a 5’10” brunette half mexican model in the United States I fill a niche in an industry that tends to favor lighter features.

Linda, a fashionista?

My closet has a closet for shoes. So yes.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

A smile goes a long way.

On show business

Lights, camera, action. I love it.

Dating X Loving

Love being in love!!

 Superpowers and Superheroes

My super power of choice would be time travel. But, if I had to choose between flying or seeing through walls, I would choose flying because seeing through walls is lame. :)

My fav superhero is Superman. I love a man that can save the day.

Attracting someone ́s attention

Show some dimple.

Linda (4)

Having fun, enjoying life

I love summer, hanging out with friends, BBQs and the beach.

Fav body part and why

Eyes because its the opening to the soul

Earliest childhood memory


Nickname in school

Olive oil. Kids can be cruel.

Linda (9)

Singer and Food

Lana Del Ray

Anything that involves a tortilla.

Guilty pleasure

Hot Cheetos


at magazine


If you weren ́t a model you ́d be…

A military nurse

An unforgettable moment

Praying at the western wall in Israel!

dirtbike racing

ronen farache



Do it with passion or not at all!

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