Liliana Gomes, the woman behind Joy Model Management!

20 ago, 2011

And I had a real good time meeting Liliana in her agency some days ago. And here´s her story I´m sharing with my World of Models family. There comes the cool Liliana Gomes!

Thank you for having me! I’m from Annapolis, located in the state of Goiás, Brazil and a mother of a 10-year-old-daughter.

I studied Law in the university of Brasília and I came to São Paulo as a model finalist in a contest for a magazine cover. I worked as a model at Elite in São Paulo and I modeled in Paris and Milan. In 1989 I started working as a freelancer in the Elite contest called THE LOOK OF THE YEAR.



I fell in love for this job, finding new faces and in the following years I was hired to work full time, while modeling too.

Between 1989 and 2002 I worked with top models like Gisele Bundchen, Fernanda Tavares, Carol Ribeiro, Ana Beatriz Barros, Michelle Alves, Isabeli Fontana, Raica, Isabel Goulart, just to name afew! It was a real good time for the agency and we had the best professionals, a great teamwork!

Looking back, I must say that I knew I would not be a lawyer the day I found a girl who wanted to be a model. It was a real special moment for myself. I became a scouter and then an agent.


The director behind Joy Model  Management

We are a small agency, focused on image building. We do not believe in fashion and commercial divisions. We think the models have to be beautiful and professional and a career planning is the most important.

We value the beauty and the brazilian melting pot. We have a great influence of VIVA – the agency I worked during three years. Our project is to be a real agency in the most various states on Brazil and a solid work on our models career. It´s a huge market to be conquered. Here in Brazil, it tends to grow up professionally even more and in every single day.

Glamorous fashion world?

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I think it’s still glamorous, even tough it is not as we used to be in the past. It was smaller and more exclusive modeling market. With the internet it came the globalization, fashion became more popular and the fact you go everywhere and see the same brands, makes an unusual situation. I still think Paris still rules the fashion and rest of the world does a lot of marketing.

Worldwide economic crisis on modeling business?

The associations between fashion designers and department stores is a trend. The fashion market will always suffer with the changes of the worldwide crisis because fashion is not a necessity but a luxury, an expression of yourself. Modeling agencies also will become more and more exclusive and focused on costumers´needs  as we see in Europe and USA.


In an Out in fashion trends

I don´t believe in fashion trends concerning In and Outs. I think young people brings new standards of beauty but it´s just a matter of point of views and you have the right to choose it or not. For example, a model like Lais Ribeiro didn´t fit the beauty standars some years ago and now she is one of the great top models working with the most prestigious fashion designers  and we, the agents, must to watch for tne mixture of races, new faces, costumes, styles around the world.

The modeling career and her tips for the aspring models

It is a profession of many adventures and many good memories. For the successful, big money, plenty of opportunities, but  also with many sacrifices like stay away from family and friends, focus, discipline, healthy habits, be in good shape (sports!), a mental and physical balance, professionalism and persistence! Mostly of the aspiring models give up in the first 3 years of modeling!

The most famous and succesful model I´ve already worked with was Gisele Bündchen and I think she is an example of discipline and dedication. Family support is very important too because most parents do not like the job and of course will have a great influence on these aspiring models. So, find a good and professional modeling agency and never give up on your dreams!

An unforgettable moment

Find Helmut Newton in an event.

Places for fun: anywhere. People are the fun!

Motto: work

Contact info: Thiago Bunduky

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