Leonardo Vieira: the cool guy from 40º Models´ International division!

14 jan, 2011

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Hi folks, I´m Leonardo Vieira, 27 years old, I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I love this city. I’m graduated in Letters at UERJ and I’m teacher, translator and reviser also. I’m boy-scouts’s leader, I love nature, camping, xtreme sports, literature, the sea, etc. I’m romantic, good mood, jealous, Uff… many things!!

The fashion world always on your mind?

Well, I didn’t choose… lol… I had worked in a bank (translators office) and in a travel agency before. One day (April 2006), a friend of mine told me 40 Graus models needed someone to the accounting department, but this one needed to know about bank and languages, to deal with international clients. So I thought: “I fit!”. At that time, only Sergio Mattos director of  40º Modsels) was taking care of International Booking. After a couple of months, I started helping him and in the end of 2006, Sergio invited me to head the International Division, expanding horizons, opening partnerships in Asia, South America, and some countries in Europe we didn’t use to work with. There I began and now 40 º works with more than 50 partner-agencies in all the continents!

The fashion world is glamorous?

To be honest, I’m not the best to talk about fashion, glamour, etc. lolol. I use to say Sergio is much much better on this. He dreams and I’m at the ground making his plans come true. :-). But I think the market is becoming harder every year. it’s good in the end, cause clients, agencies and models are becoming even more  professionals, focused, organized, etc. I see this market as a great opportunity for models to get in touch with the most important clients, to learn languages, to improve their cultural skills and to know more about this spectacular world. This is what I am enchanted for in this business. The glamour is up to Sergio – he’s the one on this! :-)

IN and OUT on fashion world

Brain, heart, good health, effort and dedication are IN; envy, opportunism, betrayal are OUT.

The key of the success and ups and downs on a modeling career

The key of the success is treating everyone (also your competitor!) well, respectfully. You get what you give. The upside of the career is the spreading of possibilities of becoming cult, connected to the world, and, why not, rich! lolol.
The downside is the bad and rude relationship that often come with the success: agencies stealing models, lying, cheating about rates, expenses, commissions, etc.

The world economic crisis really affected the fashion business?

2009 was a terrible year to everyone. An absolute lack of investments, many agencies closing or bankrupting, models without money to travel, clients with really low budgets… it was really hard. We are now in a brand new year, the economy is gettig better (thanks GOD!) and 40º is shinning like never!

Leo´s tips for the guys/girls interested to become a model

Tips?? Wow! There are so many… better ask to Sergio, no? lololol. Well, I would say: don’t give up too early, Enjoy every minute of the brief modeling career and take it as a legacy to the entire life. Kindness, sympathy, honesty and charm: dress it up and show this to the world. I’ve already worked with well-succeeded models, like Raica, João Velutinni, Felipe Hulse, Brenda Costa, etc. From the newest generation, I have others shinning, like Saulo Melo, Carlos Freire, Bruna Loureiro, Vanessa Fonseca. All of them so nice people!

So, for you interested to become a model, you need to be patient (the hardest part, maybe), cause things sometimes take a bit long to happen and keep focused on learning English, improving your skills and being optimistic.

The projects

Workshop focused on english language headed by me. we are working hard to improve models’ introduction, performance in international castings, english skills, body language, etc. The models are loving the meetings and it’s already a success!

Places he goes for fun: theater, friend’s house, bars… HOME! lolol

An unforgettable moment: a backpack trip in a Bolivia’s desert

Motto: “It’s better be happy than be right; life is passing on!”

Good Vibes to eveyone!

40º Models – International Division

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001533808161

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