Model Leonardo Marques: “I never thought about becoming a model. A friend of mine asked me “why don´t you become a model and start to travel around the world?”

28 dez, 2010

Hey guys, I´m Leonardo Marques, a brazilian model and I was born in Brasília, the brazilian capital city. I love a simple life, chilling out with my buddies having a real good time, gym, walking traveling around the world and meeeting new people. After some cool modeling seasons, I´m back to my hometown again to  enjoy this special season of the year with my family and buddies.

The first shooting: Nokia´s big campaign!

I never thought about becoming a model haha, actually I was 17, I had finished school, getting ready for university and looking for a job. So a friend of mine (he´s a model too) asked me “why don´t you become a model and start to travel around the world?  You won´t gonna spend money and you will also meet such unique life styles and cultures”. So  I decided to give a try just because of the trips. Then I had my first shooting for Nokia´s big campaign in whole Asia. That was funny , I did not even know how to pose in front of a camhaha. But after that I startet to fall in love with this modeling business

Working with photographers


You always find out something about yourself with different photographers. It´s one of the aspects that I like most when I work with them. They always tell u something as ” this side of ur face is better than the other one.”. So, I appreciate the
Critics. I don´t have any previous preparation. I just be myself right through the lens of the photographer trying to give him/her what they really expect from me.

 Once I was shooting in Malaysia – Kuala Lampur for L´Uomo Italy – underwear. I was there posing against myself to the “wall” but it was a fake wall not a real one and by accident I put down the whole scenario of the shooting and then I need to wait for almost 3 hours to get back to the shooting again lol.

The catwalks

I love them! The coolest one was for Armani. Just imagine lots of models walking in the runway. I believe that is a great moment in a models career. Funny backstage? i remember in Munich I was walking for Adidas and the light was all over in my face so i could not see the end of the catwalk and guess what happens next? I fell down but just for a brief second cause I I started walking again as if nothing had happened but I think the german client won´t choose me again for his catwalk lol lol


A fashionista?

Def not! I always choose wearing clothes that make me comfortable. I don´t follow fashion trends and I  don´t take too long in front of a mirror

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, I really don´t know how I´d react to this situation, I prefer to be anonymous, but if it takes really wild,  I´d probably try to escape to a safer place.


Show biz, Fame, Success and the most important things for his life

I don´t wanna be famous. Success and fame are 2 different things. I mean fame makes you sad, alone and a non-believer people. success in other hand, makes u stronger and positive about your life, When u achieve the succcess in your career, you become  happier people , so if I´d be able to choose, I´d take success with no fame at all, but I´m afraid in my career, unfortunatelly, it won´t be possible

 5 most importat things for my life are

# 1 Love, cause it´s the best feeling in a human being. Love can bring u everything. 
# 2 Famly

# 3 Peace

# 4 Happiness



Dating X Love: I can say that I am really good lover (hard to find it in our society nowadays lol!)

Sports: I love all of them

Atracting someone´s attention: Make them laugh

Having fun: going to the beachs, parks any place that is related to nature
The craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s eve one in a summer time season : the craziest thing I did in summer time was having fun in ibiza enjoying the life. The nastiest one was beeing in Milan doing nothing but being all day long surfing the internet


Fav body part  and his secret to be a in  a good shape: my fav part  are my arms and my secret is no secret! Dont be lazzy ass and do not act as an ant  eating all sugar that u find in front of you lol!


Fav undies for his daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!): haha I had never thought about it before, but I guess I use no undies for the sexy moments lol

Favorite singer and which music he listens in his IPOD:  2pac and Bob marley (I love them) and in my IPOD I listen Ben Harper and jack johnson  or even house music too

Fav food: my moms food doesn´t matter which one

An unforgettable moment: at the Great wall in Beijng, the best moment ever!

Motto: “Expecting life to treat you well because you’re a good person its like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you’re a vegetarian”





Full name: Leonardo Marques Alves
Contact info: Unique Brasília


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