Stylists and fashion designers, so stylish! Episode 2: Leandro Lourenço

07 abr, 2011

The stylist Leandro Lourenço

Hello folks, I´m Leandro Lourenço, brazilian stylist, 28 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. My passions are fashion, religion,  photography and I love the work of brazilian photographer Christian  Cravo. It was a great prvilege to see one of his latest work “Nos Jardins do Éden” at the Tomie Ohtake Institute here in São Paulo.

My inspirations came from  such unique and various sources. The music, my wills, my state of being and of course, I have some idols that also influence my work because fashion is made by reinventions.

Tom Ford, for example, I love the sensuality in his works (photography and movie), the photographers Steven Klein and Steven Meisel are amazing and the british Andy Houghton (that you´ve already interviewed) really took my attention. Nicola Formichetti is my favorite stylist, but the professional that really first inspired me to pursue this career was the brazilian stylist Daniel Ueda.

The fashion world is glamurous? Nope. It just represents 6% of a hard job. It´s a very competitive business where you see a huge team working to achieve the recognition. So, you have to focus on doing the best, never give up in face of difficulties

IN and Out on Fashion trends

In the past we used to have four or five major trends. I believe we must respect everyone´s individuality. Of course, there are such cool ideas from the fashion stylists minds that wee see in the catwalks, but if have to choose one fashion trend that would be the politically correct trend: Fake fur and leather, natural fabrics and environmentally friendly.

 Meeting such unique cultures around the world!

The best thing about a modeling career is to be able to meet such unique cultures around the world, meeting the fashion designers, stylists, photographers, a huge teamwork, so my My advices for the models are to really stay out of troubles (drugs and all those shits). Mostly of your time you´ll have to stay away from your family and your close friends, so read about the fashion world, the professional models, learn about how  they pose to the cam, the photographers and their styles. Be patient and  professional in all aspects. I´m sure the cool opportunities will come to your way!

The worldwide economic crisis: fashion always survives!

The worldwide economic crisis really affected the fashion business in the last 2 years, Many international brands have lost much of its investment capital, but things are getting better for us here in Brazil, Fashion always survives no matter how difficult the situation may be.



An unforgettable moment: To be able to work with people I always admire.

Places he goes for fun: Chilling out with my buddies, but there´s no better place for having fun like home with my family and buddies.

The Key of the success?

Believe in yourself, study and never give up.
Motto: “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”


Leandro Lourenço
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