Meet Ford Model Leandro D´Lucca

25 jul, 2012

Hi, my name is Leandro D´Lucca, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I´ve been living in NY since 2010.

I´ve been working as a model for 7 years and one of the aspects I like most about modeling is that you never have a routine,so this job is perfect for me. I enjoy life to the fullest and I know that modeling is a short career.

I always try to keep my mind and body in harmony to get good jobs.

How did all begin

I was in an event in São Paulo, when the V. Rom´ stylist came to me and asked if I wanted to be in a catwalk at the fashion week. Then I looked for an agency and here I am folks!

Working with photographers and posing naked

I enjoy working with photographers that are ready for action, in other words, they exactlyr know what to do once they start clicking.

A good night sleeping and eating healthy food, that´s what I really need to do my best

I´ve already posed naked and I don´t think it´s a problem If you work with with a professional teamwork

The catwalks experiences

I started working as a model when I was 23, so I don´t have much catwalks experiences. I´ve walked for Etro, Carlo Pignatelli, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Ricardo Almeida, Ellus, Forum, Triton, just to name a few

Leandro´s way of life

A fashionista?

Not at all. When I´m not working,  I like my surf´s style. I just want to feel myself comfortable

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

It would be cool and I´d be gentle to everyone. I like to treat people the same way they treat me

Show biz, fame, success, most important things for his life…

Show business is a good thing that happen in your life but you have to remember that´s not a permanent situation,  nothing lasts forever, so enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Most important things for me are

#1 Happiness

#2 Family

#3 Friends

#4 Humility

#5 Focus and goals

And that´s all World of Models family. Stay tuned for my modeling jobs. I´ve just done the VR´s ad for Father´s day and Under Strip pocker ads. Check it out

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The future?

I intend to open my own business



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