Leandro Castro: “I don’t have any special preparation before a shooting, just to be myself and try to be relaxed”

07 jun, 2012

Hello everyone!!

It’s a pleasure to be here in World of Models. My name is Leandro Castro, I was born in San Pedro,  small city in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am 25 years old and I enjoy my life working, doing  sports, running, playing  guitar, reading, traveling , meeting people,learning about cultures, people and languages.

How did he get discovered

Well,  I was in Argentina when a manager from Lima, Perú contacted me to go there and start to work with his agency.  So, Initially I went for a couple of months to try in Perú. After those months,  I decided to live in Lima for almost 2 years, because I liked the city.

From Milan to Shanghai!

Last year, I booked a ticket to Milan and went to get an agency there. I spent three months and came to Asia. Seoul, South Korea; Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia; Makati, Philipines.

I am in Shanghai and planning to stay here for a few months.

Working with photographers: partnership

I like when the photographer and I work together, He says how the shooting could be and I do my best too.

I don’t have any special preparation before a shooting, just to be myself and try to be relaxed.

Posed naked already?

I haven’t posed naked, I don’t know if I would do it. I think it depends a lot of things.

A fashionista?

I am not a fashionista. I usually wear nice clothes to do castings, but  I like to wear simple jeans and t-shirts.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

I think if that happens, I don’t really know how to act. I have to stay there. But I would be myself,  trying to be relaxed, nice and friendly to everyone.

Show biz, fame, success adn 5 most important things for his life 

I am not interested in show business, I don’t like it, I think all of that is not true.

Fame is when everyone knows you for your work. That is nice, but I would have to feel it to really know about it.

5 most important things in my life


 Dating X Love

I am pretty simple and I try to be myself and be nice.


Sports make you enjoy the present, so I try to do it.

Atracting someone´s attention

Look at her with special eyes

Having fun, enjoying life

I have fun with friends, staying with them, going to some places that I haven´t been before or just staying at home

Fav body part and why

Eyes, because you can see averything through them

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments(lol!)


In his Ipod

John Lennon, The Beatles, Pink Floyd,  Jimmy Hendrix, argentinian rock

Fav food


An unforgettable moment

Laughing with 2 friends without a reason for several hours


Be yourself!

Full name: Leandro Nicolas Castro.

Age: 25

Contact info Esee Model Management http://www.eseemodel.com

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