Layton Draper: “I think it is soo funny when a person recognizes me or asks me for an autograph or anything of the sort. I’m just a dude, like everyone else”

07 jun, 2012

I really never considered modeling, never thought I would have ended up doing it.

I played football in college so that was my life. After some injuries I stopped playing and oddly enough I was approached by a photographer at a wedding. I did a shoot then one thing led to another.

Once I moved to Southern California I worked with some great photographers and got an agent, and met some really awesome people, it has been quite an experience.

His first time and being naked in front of cam

My first shoot was just a test and my body really wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I didn’t know what I was doing! I thought I could just stand there and make a decent picture. I didn’t learn how much a models eyes can say in a picture til probably my third shoot. The best thing about modeling has been seeing the improvement in the last year. I like a photographer who conveys his concept ahead of time so I know what the goal of the shoot is.

I am much more comfortable than I used to be in front of the camera. I appreciate fine art and understand that nudity is a part of it. I am comfortable with “implied” nudes, but will not do any totally nudes or any type of picture that isn’t tasteful.

Haha I do have some funny stories, I remember one runway show where all the guys were in this tiny backstage doing pushups and trying to get enough room to get a good pump, it was an awkward situation. haha

The catwalks experiences

I have modeled for Timeteo, Aussiebum, drifter, combatant gentlemen, and others. I’m still pretty new to the whole modeling gig but look forward to what else it will bring.

Women still rule!

Women absolutely run this business! They should! The female culture is geared way more towards fashion and that’s how it should be. I think women definitely run this business, and they are way more photogenic as well.

A fashionista?

I’ve been described as a fashionista in editorials, but I don’t consider myself one, in fact I’m not even sure what that even refers to! Haha! I like to wear comfortable clothes when I go out wherever. I like to attract women that don’t care about what I wear, I like women that like me for ME.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Haha, funny question. I think it is soo funny when a person recognizes me or asks me for an autograph or anything of the sort. I’m just a dude, like everyone else . It is flattering but I don’t let attention get to me, I like to identify myself by much more than just the way I look.

Atracting someone´s attention

I think women get more attention than men, and they should. I don’t need attention to feel worthy, I love meeting people in this industry and shoots pays well. Thats why I do it, never been one that requires attention to crack a smile.

If I’m trying to attract a women I like to give a subtle smile to let them know the way they look makes me kinda want them.

Dating X Love

I like a girl that isn’t afraid to make a move, and I think eye contact can often times tell a girl what I want even more than words.


I played 2 years of collegiate football and played basketball as well in high school. I’m a Huge sports fan, as it was a huge part of my life up until I was 21 years old.

Having fun, enjoying life

I love playing the guitar or any kind of music, and I’m a beach bum so I love any time I get to be at the beach.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing ever done in a summer time season

Haha that depends, maybe you’ll find out in the second interview

Fav body part and why

On me? Probably my stomach because its the most improved. On a woman? Her eyes

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

I like wearing briefs, I always wore boxers but after doing a lot of shoots in “whitey tighties” i realized they are super comfortable! I have a favorite pair of black Calvin Kleins! haha!

In his Ipod

That is a tough one… I like underground hip hop like Blue Scholars, Aceyalone, Common mMrket, to name a few. And I also like reggae, like Rebelution or Iration or any of that good stuff.   Fav food

Fav food

I diet hard so when I pig out, I really do PIG out! On my cheat day i’ll eat eggos, ice cream, really anything I can get my hands on.

Guilty pleasure

American Idol, or any of those talent shows, I want that to be me! haha

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Probably still an athlete

Contact info

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