Lance Raftery: “The latest designer I walked for was Vivienne Westwood. That was a sick show”

21 fev, 2013

Hi folks, my name is Lance Raftery,  my home town is Port Macquarie, I grew up there and now I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I like to ride BMX and fixed gear bikes, muay thai, body boarding and pretty much anything to do with the ocean, travelling and just meeting people in general I find very interesting.

Modeling: how did all begin

I guess I first got asked in 2009, it was really strange because I had just recently had a Muay Thai fight and had brusing with a black eye and a shaved head and just looked really rough. haha. This guy was following me through the shopping center and finally he came up to and introduced himself as Kirk Blake. He was scouting for models to manage and told me to grow out my hair and clean up a bit and stay in contact.

It was pretty much 6 months before I really had much contact with him again, I was really sceptical of the whole thing. I didn’t really know anything about the industry or how something like this would work and though maybe he could have just been a creep. He is not Kirk is a champion and pushed me so far and he has had a lot of success with other models. I guess his biggest find is Nils Lawton.

I met up with Kirk in 2010 and we bleached my hair white and did my first test shoot with Thor Elias Engelstad. Someone who is now a good friend and someone I really respect as a photographer, that man has skills! There were a bunch of people at Thors place when we did the shoot and they owned a company and ended up shooting their lookbook right there and then. The photos turned out great, so Kirk sent them around to agencies and picked up interest in LA and Singapore mostly. About a month later I was packing up to head to Singapore for 3 months!

Working with photographers: creating a story in just one image

Being expressive,  setting a scene and then the challenge of being able to create that story in just one image. It is nice when a photographer has a good idea about what they want to achieve so they can be directional.

Umm on runway shows I guess you get to see a lot of boobies. There was this one time I was shooting in my underwear and I didn’t notice that I slipped a nut and the photographer was a young dude and was like “ahhh you ahhh…” and pointed to my crotch haha.

The catwalks experiences: fun, energy and excitement

Catwalks are really fun because of the energy and excitement. There are lots of people and usually a really great vibe. There is this massive build up then its all over in a few minutes. Again boobs backstage and also there are usually a lot of high profile people around so its a cool opportunity to meet people like that. The latest designer I walked for was Vivienne Westwood. That was a sick show.

Male models get the same exposure as the female models nowadays?

 NO WAY. Women still have this game locked. Men get screwed on just about everything besides being able to model long than women usually.

A fashionista?

Yeah, clothing is sick, It´s a nice way to express yourself. I am usually getting in trouble off my agents because they want you to just wear black jeans and black muscle shirt or white shirt maybe grey if you have nothing else haha. Floral shirts and colourful socks are where its at.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would summon my spirit nature guides to come save me and fly away on a golden eagle.

Fame, Success, Show business…

Personally I find it comedic that general public idolise people in “show biz”, people literally go crazy and loose their shit! It is one thing to admire someone and look up to people for great achievements. I think there should be respect, so respect those that truly achieve something of true value and importance. If someone does something out of pure love and enjoyment and happens to be fantastic at it at the same time then that is a beautiful thing. For me if I could muster some sort of “fame” I would do my best to live by example, promote positive change in the world.

Dating X Loving

Smooth as Swayze


Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee

Attracting someone´s attention

Yell out their name

Having fun, enjoying life

 How much space do I have to answer this? haha. BMX, Bodyboarding, Beach, meeting random interesting people, travelling, roadtrips, being and absolute silly person, doing things that put you out of your comfort zone (I don’t necessarily mean dangerous things), sex with that special someone. Going to empty unexplored beachs, climbing a mountain. Most importantly cooking amazing vegan food then EATING IT!

The craziest (nastiest?) thing  in a summer time season

This one time, at band camp

Fav body part and why

Ass; if the bum is good then usually the rest of the body is good. It is a great indicator of how fit a girl is.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

Nothing, keep it free ;) again what’s more sexy than your birthday suit

In his IPOD

 Jeff Buckley or Elvis. I have a VERY wide range of music from chill, to oldies to hardcore and classical

Fav food

A fresh home made vegan pizza

Guilty pleasure

Pokemon and non-achoholic beer.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…


An unforgettable moment

Having Mr Armani put a suit on me.


That’s not vegan

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Full name: Lance Raftery

Age: 23

Contact info

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