Kim Yang Hoon on walking down the catwalk: “I put a magical spell onto myself saying I am the best model on the stage. Then, my fear disappears on every steps

30 set, 2014

Hello World of Models family, during senior in high school, I had a chance to watch a fashion show on TV. I was attracted by the charismatic walking and  models´ poses at that time. I began to search for resourcing and reference for modeling and I started dreaming ever since.



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When I was 19, I was awarded at Seoul Arts College’s Model Camp and started working as a model. My first shooting… I don’t remember exactly how it went. I just have a memory of my excitement being a model.

I love traveling. I get many chances to travel overseas while modeling. I am happy to do my favorite things at the same time.

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Posing to photographers, special preparations and the unusual backstages

When my poses get expressed well according to the photographer’s intention. Sounds like “Good. OK”. It makes me feel happy.

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Before the shooting, I study the concept and listen to the music that fits the best.

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I don’t mind posing naked as long as it has a proper purpose or reason. No matter what other think, I am confident about my body.

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Once I was participating at a Watch Show. While putting on my outfit, I have taken off the watch because it was very expensive one and I wanted to avoid getting any scratches. I ended up walking out to the stage without wearing the watch4. 

The catwalks´ experiences

I attended 2013 Elite Model Look China Bootcamp. I did the show with a designer from Milan and I was chosen to be the main model. I still can’t forget the moment the spot light was turned on me as I stepped out to the stage.

When I´m walking down the catwalk I put a magical spell onto myself saying “I am the best model on the stage.” Then, my fear disappears on every steps.

I´ve already walked for Korean designers: CiNu Lee, BumSuk Choi, JeHee Sheen

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Female models rule!

I agree. However, there is a famous male model such as Sean O’pry and I believe it will eventually become similar.

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 My fav model is Sean O’Pry. He is very popular in Korea as the top model of the world. He has a charming face, great proportion and excellent ability to express himself. He is loved by so many popular world brands. He is my role model to become the top world class model.

Kim, a fashionista?

Yes, I am. Some may not agree, but I am confident about my fashion sense. I often get asked to pose for street fashion photography. I enjoy classic and dandy style. Prefer simple and high-end. I like 2:8 split pomade hair with classic style outfit.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would enjoy the moment just because of curiosity. Then, I would walk out of the scene like a model on a stage.

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Super powers, superheroes and nicknames

Time travel ability would be great. It will be useful to travel long distance business trips. My fav superhero is Superman and my nickname in school was “Kim Yang” because of my name.

Favorite body part and why

Chin. When I lift up my chin and lower eye lids, I look sexy.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

I love swimming since I was young. I would have been a swimmer.

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Upcoming Projects

I would be in Hong Kong for next few months: then, possibly in Milan…


Kim Yang Hoon



Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor