New faces rock, the series. Episode 32: Kimanie!

03 nov, 2011

I was born and raised in Montego Bay Jamaica. I came to NY when I was 10 years old with my family. Much of my childhood I was a BIG (literally) nerd, but I outgrew my awkward years I guess.

Some things did stick with me though, like my love for cooking and videogames. I can take any ingredients and turn it into a meal, it´s a gift. Ironic that I have such a love for cooking and food but I’m a model now. ^__^


The first shoot with photographer Rick Day!

I decided to become a model last winter. I expressed my interest with my neighbor who happened to be the hair stylist for the Saint Wobil show. She told me where the casting was and I showed up with nothing but the clothes I had on. I guess I must’ve stood out because I booked it! At the show is where I had the greatest of chance encounters with Jonathan Keller and its been all uphill since.

My first shoot was with Rick Day and oh boy was I scared. The images came out great though and I remember him calling me a natural. I guess I fell into the right field. The best thing so far about modeling though is seeing all the hard work and patience I’ve put in pay off.

Hercules mag and the modeling market for men of color

Two major highlights are walking for Saint wobil for both of their last season’s shows and the Dolce & Gabana styled spread in Hercules Magazine. It’s ultra competitive for men of color in NY. It seems you either have to be already established or super duper unique. I’m lucky enough to be unique and look like no one else.

Working with photographers: posed naked already?

i like working with photographers that have fun when they are shooting. It just makes the atmosphere better for working especially for new guys like me. I do like to look at a photographer’s portfolio just to see the aesthetics to know the mood of their finished products.

I’m lucky enough to have no nude editorials yet.. but won’t say i’m totally against it but still apprehensive. The funny thing is I grew up never looking in the mirror because I never like how I looked but nowadays the less clothes the better HAHAHA. I think I’d be ok naked IF the time came to it.

The catwalks, the funny backstages

It might sound weird. I know America’s Next Top Model is a woman’s show but I learned so much about confidence on a runway and little thing to do from that show. I guess I owe Tyra too. When I step on the runway its as if the world stops and all eyes are on me for those seconds/minutes and no one else exist….. until the shoes I’m wearing make me slip!

I have to say though even though I slipped, I kept going like nothing happened and no one probably would have known if I didn’t reveal this little nugget now. So far I’ve walked for Saint Wobil and Francis Hendi shows. The clothes have been pretty cool and weird all at the same time.

The most unusual thing I’ve seen is how much models eat. I thought it was all celery and carrot sticks, but boy was I wrong. As soon as a platter of food comes its gone in seconds. WE ARE BEASTS!

The modeling world: Women still rule this business?

I feel like male models are always expected to be background for the women but because there aren’t as many big name male models as there are females, it might be a little easier to make a name for ourselves. I’m looking at it mathematically I guess, remember i said I was a nerd earlier and here is proof positive -__-. My mamma did not raise me to be in the background so WATCH OUT WORLD!

I feel like we are starting to get more attention than EVER! I’ve noticed a lot of male models I know popping up in movies, TV Shows and big named music videos like Shawn in the Katy Perry video and Orraine in the Rihanna video. The male model who’s career I’d love to emulate is David Agbodji.I saw his CK ad and thought.. “hmm ..maybe I could too” We have a similar path so here’s hoping mine goes all the way to the top like his. Tyra banks and Naomi Campbell on the female side now are the mavens that show how to make this life not be so temporary, because it can be for some.

A fashionista?

This is where the world would never know I’m a model. Give me a pair of jeans, a plain v-neck t-shirt and some old beat up sneakers and I’m good to go. I’d rather spend money on exotic ingredients to cook, and going on vacation. My brother is the fashionista of the family to the point where he changes styles every season. I keep it super simple even when going out. At home it’s all old shirts and sweatpants. I call it BUM-SHIC

Imagine u a famous model surronded by a huge crowd!

I’d invite them all to dinner!.. and of course I’m the one cooking. A similar situation has happened to me in school but on a smaller scale. But I’m a super humble guy. The girl that spotted me said I look the part but didn’t have a super ego like she though I would. She said I’ve been sitting next to you for weeks and would never have guessed but I guess my fat kid humble beginnings are still there.

Dating X Love

Hopeless romatic.. love to sweep someone off their feet and vice versa. I spoil people with my cooking.


After I learned how to be healthier I became addicted to running. Its not so far fetched  because I used to run track and field as a kid. I can watch track and field year round and its on my DVR permanently. For American Sports though I’ll watch once its play off time.

Atracting someone´s attention

I’m a huge flirt with my eyes and my food. When all else fails I’ll take my shirt off :-)

Having fun, enjoying life

I take a yearly trip back home with my best friends Donald, Ivan, and Curtis. It’s our Vegas. From the minute we get to the airport to the minute we get back we have a cocktail at all times. Its not a vacation without a cocktail.

The craziest thing in a summer time season

That´s easy and very recent. This summer when hurricane Irene hit NY my best friend Curtis & I went streaking at night in the eye of the storm. Smart.. no… fun.. YES!

Fav body part and why

My eyes. looking at my complexion no one would guess I was part Chinese. But my eyes act as a reminder of my great grandfather.

In his IPOD

 This might sound tacky but as long as music is good and listenable I don’t care who it s from. Though I mist say I’m a Beyonce fan since her CDs are usually above average. I never agree with the songs she releases as singles though. She needs to hire me to choose for her!

Fav food

Anything PORK! (except pork chops) and I mean ANY PART OF THE BIG!. Also in salted cod, grapes and okra.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

2xist Boxer briefs. They leave very little to the imagination. HAHAHAHAHA.

Guilty pleasure

Sunflower seeds!… I’ve been addicted to them since my early teen years. Also Desperate Housewives, I never miss and episode.

 If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A CHEF! 1st, Lawyer 2nd, and Banking VP 3rd.

An unforgettable moment

Having my mom tell me how proud she was when she saw the pictures from my first shoot.


“Wha no fat no kill” ..jamaican saying meaning “If it taste good… eat it!”

And when you´ll come to my world?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!.. it´s been one of my dream destinations for sooooo many years

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