Kaue Machado: ” I didn`t decide to become a model. My mother literally pushed me to this world hehe”.

23 jun, 2012

Hi! My name is Kauê Machado

I´m a model (rly?) from Brazil, and I´m 23 years old. My hometown is Porto Alegre, located in southern Brazil.

I see myself as a happy guy, with a lovely girlfriend, incredible family, friends, and amazing coworkers.

My personal interests? Hmmm, I like rock, soccer and beer (When my work allows). hehe. I like to go to the beach, surfing, and being with my friends and family. that’s it.

How did all begin

I didn`t decide to become a model. My mother literally pushed me to this world hehe. I was at home watching some soccer game, when she read in the newspaper that a  model´s convention was going on in a hotel here in my hometown. So I went there, met some bookers and scouters, and 2 months later I went to São Paulo. I lived there during 2 years.

It was really weird, because I neverever worked as a model before. In my first shooting I did my book. I didn´t know how to act, when smile, to pose to the cam and everything. It was a chaos. But now, after 3 years working as a model. I´ve learned some things. And recently  I did my first international trip to Milan, where I stayed for 3 months. It was a cool experience.

Best thing about modeling

For me is the transformation that has caused in myself. You learn to get rid of prejudices, learn to dress yourself in a better way, and meet people who teach you a lot of things. And the funny side, you see yourself with clothes, make-ups and in ads that you never ever imagined before.

Working with photographers: posed naked already?

I like when the photographer shows you that he/she wants to be your friend, and makes everything to let you comfortable. Just with a good and little conversation they show you who they really are and how they will work on their ideas about the shooting.

I don´t have a previous reparation, I just take good care of my body as usual

I never posed naked, just with underwear. I don´t know if I´d pose naked. Maybe with my parts hidden, and nothing related to erotic appeal, just artistic.

An unusual backstage´s moment: covered with make up sprays

One time I was shooting with some neon lights, so they painted all my body for hours, to glow in the dark light. I was covered with that little make up sprays. It really worth it cause the pics turned out great!

Male X Female models

Actually, the male models market is growing too fast. but women still rule the fashion world. They have more jobs, earn more money and get more exposure.

Maybe someday we´ll get a balance in this market

The catwalks experiences

I did some runway shows for underwear, beach wear and summer clothes. The coolest thing in catwalks are the backstages. It´s a huge adrenalin before u start walking through the catwalk, but it´s a nice sensation. One time i did a underwear fashion show in a place for 4.000 people. You dont know how hard is you get in the runway with all that people watching you using a underwear.

I’ve walked for colcci, Ralph Lauren, Moschino, Ellus, Vogue, just to name a few

A fashionista?

I don’t know hehe. I don’t usually read fashion magazines, blogs and others. Except some ones once in a while. But working as a model helps me to get well dressed. I like rock and I like to wear skinny pants, boots, bands t-shirts, leather jackets  But at home I wear  large pants. I like to feel myself comfortable,

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

Hahaha, that´s a weird situation. But, I´ve already faced this situation in a similar but smaller situation haha. My mom is the director of a kids school and and she always shows my pics published in magazines and editorials to everyone. One day when I visited the school some girls came to me to ask for autographs lol

But if I´d be surrounded by a huge crowd, I´d keep calm down and I´d talk to everyone. It´s the result that you are doing a great job with professionalism

Show biz, fame, success and most important things for his life

I don´t like show business. because it changes people´s mind. I don´t work TO get famous or something like that. I work because I like it, and success must be only the result of your work.

Most improtant things for me are my family, who gives me all the suport to go ahead, my girlfriend, who always helps me in the hard moments and encourages me, my mother agency, that gives me all the support, and the bookers that becomes really good friends and all the people, photographers, producers and everybody who helps me with my work.

Atracting someone´s attention

Be myself. If works, good! if don’t, sorry

Having fun, enjoying life

Going to  snack bars, hanging out with my buddies. playing soccer, dating my girlfriend, parties, etc

Fav body part and why

Hmm, maybe my eyes, because they have 2 different colors (lol)

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Hahahaha CK all the way!

In his Ipod

AC/DC, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Rolling stones, Arctic Monkeys, Elvis, Jet, Red hot chilli peppers

Fav food

4 cheese pasta with a giant steak!!!

If you weren´t a model, u´d be…

I´d be working in Advertising

Guilty pleasure


An unforgettable moment

My childhood, at my mother’s school


To live a creative life we must loose our fear of being wrong

The Projects

I´m back to my hometown, after spending 3 cool months in Milan and I intend to focus on my modeling career, maybe my next international trip to Asia and also

finish my studies. Oh yean, and I want to become an international top model yeahh yeahh!



Mother agency: Joy Model Management http://www.joymgmt.com/