Katiza Garcia: “the fashion market for ethnic models has improved over the years, although still a bit undervalued”

01 ago, 2011

Hi World of Models! It is a pleasure to be here and share a little bit about myself with you guys. I’m really excited!

My name is Katiza Garcia, I was born on the island of Santiago - Cabo Verde (west coast of Africa). Currently I´m living in Brazil – Campina Grande,  a small but very interesting city! In 2009 I joined the TEAM Models agency, where the first jobs were fantastic and even today has been better than the other ones.

Modeling is a very competitive business but I love it  and I also give my best to achieve my goals.

How did all begin

I always enjoyed the fashion world, but  never thought that my dream would become true. When I arrived in Brazil in 2007 many people asked me if I was a model, or if I have ever had done modeling before.  Then in 2009 decided to give a try and got signed by a modeling agency.

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Some days later I was called to to attend a casting for a catalog to a  clothing store. I was approved ind I remember like it was my  first modeling job.  I was very excited about everything around me. A terrificc experience!

The market for ethinic models

In my opinion the fashion market for ethnic models has improved over the years,  although still a bit undervalued. As is clearly visible in summer, black models  have more job opportunities just because of the color of tanned skin that  combines with the summer (once saw a report where several black models said  this: we work alot in summer and less in winter). I know this has nothing to do  with racism, but reality shows us that only a few ethnic models today can reach  a high level in the fashion world, while there is more opportunities for  white skin models.

So why we have more famous white models than black ones? And why  the fashion world has standardized the beauty of the white woman with long hair and smooth as the ideal? Last year, the São Paulo Fashion Week  (SPFW) signed a contract (a term for the adjustment of conduct with the Public Ministry of São Paulo) where it would undertake to suggest to all the brands participating in the event the loan at least ten percent of models among black African descendants and indigenous models of the total employed in each catwalk.

As a platform for convergence of various expressions related to fashion, SPFW believes that is essential to support the social inclusion of various ethnic types present in the population, within a social process with historical reflections.

Working with the photographers: previous preparations!

I love photo sessions since my teenage,  I remember my first modeling job, was exactly a photo shoot that began at 6 am  and lasted until the end of the day, and I enjoyed alot! But I discovered that this wasn´t  enough, then I started to explore the facial expressions, movements with the body, creating poses for each type of photos, especially the art of build a character s in each picture, and that is exactly what I realy like to do in my photo shoots.

I usually sleep early (a good night sleepin is the key!) before the shoots,   But there are other preparations that every model must have in his/her daily lives as watching your diet (avoiding soft drinks, fats, etc.), perform any physical exercise, skin care, hair care (in my case they are not slick, it has to be moisturized frequently to not dry out, among other cares to be taken).

Once I was in a photo session, along with the other models and we were awaiting for the clothes and shoes in the set. While getting ready for the session, we realized that they had given us the wrong size of shoes, in other words, tight shoes to use during a full day! So, lots of clicks on your bodies and smiling faces  and we just pretending that everything was normal with such “comfortable” shoes in our feet! lol

The catwalks and the funny backstages moments

I love fashion shows since the first step in the beginning of catwalk,  pose for photographers in the front and exit the  catwalk until the last step. It is very exciting. In my first experience, I was very nervous. Backstage was full of clothes and other models, it was a brand new world for me. In the following ones, I was more relaxed and focused, so I just let it flows.

One time I was getting dressed for my my next entry , and suddenly I dropped something on the floor, bent down to catch and raise  and, hit my head in the ass of a male model. He was in his underwear, so u guys can imagine how funny it was this situation!

I´ve already walked for Hering, Colcci, Riachuelo, Authentic, T-Gise, Arezzo, City Shoes, EVA (Shoes and Bags), UZO, just to name a few.

A fashionista?

Yes, I think I am!  In my daly activities, I love using skinny jeans, a basic shirt with a sandal and  accessories, big earrings and large bracelets,  always with  glasses. I use a soft makeup every day for the skin

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be a funny situation. I´d be nice to everyone, showing my affection and gratitude. Once I was walking down the street,  a man came and said to me, I’ve seen you on a catwalk”.  I smiled  and talked to him  in a such a sympathetic way!

Show biz, fame, success..

I find it very interesting! Doing something I love, makes me feel really good about myself, bringing fulfillment and personal satisfaction. I am not a perfectionist person, but I always give my best! I am a person always willing to learn and improve even more. So, I do not attach much importance to fame and success. I never cease to be who I am, because I do something that people praise and find it beautiful.

And as I always say, humility and simplicity are the keys to success. That does not mean I do not have ambitions and desires to my career,  although I’m aware that the fashion world on is very competitive, and be in the top depends on my dedication and qualities.

5 most important things ofr me are: my family, GOD, my studies, my life as a model, my friends. And if had to choose just one,  I would no doubt choose my family.

Dating X Love

Very romantic gentle! And like every girl, I like get much attention!


I must confess that I am a little lazy! Do not really like sports, but I go to gyms to always be in good shape

Attracting someone´s attention

Laughing, smiling

Having  fun

Walking, chilling out with my buddies, going to the movies, parties, internet

Fav body part

My legs and my eyes

In her IPOD

I listen almost everything ,  except rock music, several styles of music of singers from different countries and also from my country.

An unforgettable moment

My first job as a model

The upcoming projects

As I told u before, I am currently  signed to  TEAM modeling agency, I intend to keep up the good work and do my best on every job and eventually I intend to give my contribution based on my experiences in the fashion world in Cabo Verde (my country) as well as in in other countries across the world.

An unforgettable moment

My first job as a model


“Enjoy life to the fullest, do not let get away the opportunities that life brings to you”


Joceline Katiza Dos Reis Garcia

Mother agency Agência Team – Jan W. Models Management http://www.agenciateam.com/