New faces rock, the series. Episode 14: Kamila Hansen

24 nov, 2010

Hello Edward! Hello World of Models family! I´m Kamila Hansen, from Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco, Brazil and my journey into modeling world started  when

I met one of the EP models (my actual mother agency). I was invited to know this agency, I got aproved and then I started a weekly modeling classes. This course was really important for my growth as a professional model. In the beggining I wasn´t sure about being a model but I was encouraged by my family and also by Elizabeth Pontes, the director of EP Models. I decided to go for it.

Castings, making new friends, meeting new cultures, travels, learning every day and here I am folks living in the Big Apple, the place where my international modeling career first took place. I´m enjoying this cosmopolitan city. I´ve already been to Europe (Milan) and I just  thank GOD for all He has given me.

My first job in Brazil  was for the designer Beto Kelnner, owner of Gatos de Rua company and Melk Z-da, who did a small sample of his new collection, both from Pernambuco. Then I did some runways and print mags.

Working with photographers: Focus! Focus! Focus!

I love when photographers are friendly and enjoy sharing their ideas in order to get the best result. I don´t have a previous preparation, but I´m always focused once the photographers start to click.

The catwalks

In the beggining, catwalks were my favorites into modeling world. I´ve walked for  Cantão, Redley, TNG, Colcci, Yona Baraschis, Domenico Vacca, Marhesa, Behnaz sarafpour, Missi biquíni, just to name a few. It´s so cool to feel all the energy that comes from these brands, but when I started to pose to the cams I really enjoyed even more, so nowadays doing fashion editorials is one of my favorites into modeling.

A fashionista?

I do not consider myself a fashionista. When I´m not working as a model, just basic and comfortable clothes because they are perfect for a daily activity.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

It would be a real surprising situation. Maybe I´d say to the crowd that they were wrong or maybe I´d start to sign autographs to everyone in a quiet way! lol.

Show biz and the most important things for her life

A very important business for us, after all we are part of this industry
Most important things for my life are
# 1 GOD
# 2 Family
# 3 Friends
# 4 My agent Elizabeth Pontes

They´ve been supporting me and encouraging me to go ahead. I love them!!

Atracting someone´s attention: there´s no secret, it´s just a matter of feeling
Having fun: chilling out with my friends, no matter the place
Fav body part: my eyes just because they are green lol
Music: love all kinds of music, but one of my fav ones is country
Fav food: pasta and candies

Today, I face the challenges with great faith and commitment!  I wish to be a worldwide renowned brazilian model and show the true potential of the brazilian northeast models. Thank you to all World of Models family and don´t miss the recent news from EP Models Agency. Join us!


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