Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model Kaka Feliciano

16 set, 2012

Hi everyone, I´m Kaka Felciano, 31 years old and I was born in São Vicente, Brazil


Just recently I decided to pursue a modeling career. As a matter of fact, people always used to tell me that I had “the look” so I decided to give a try.

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Here I am now working with a professional booker and I´m very optimistic to new opportunities coming to my way!

Hopefully I’ll be walking for cool fashion designers in the catwalks soon!

Male models x female models

We are getting more exposure, but women still rule this business. Paulo Zulu is a role male model for me. He is also a surfer and a successful businessman

Definitely, I´m not a fashionista. I enjoy the surf wear and always walking barefoot whenever possible

Me, a famous models surrounded by a huge and crazy crowd? (lol). I´d try to find a way out asap. Run Kaka, runnnnnn!!!! lol


Soccer and Surfing

Having fun, enjoying life

Waking up early for surfing and chilling out with my buddies

In my Ipod Jack Johnson (Flake)

Japanese food yeahh yeah, my fav food



An unforgettable mement

Mob festival 2012 (cruise)

Full name

Carlos Alberto Feliciano da Silva

Contact info