Kaden James: “Brazil will always be an inspirational place. I actually hit up some agencies so I might be visiting you all very soon”

02 jan, 2014

He is back to World of Models family to share with us some cool moments on his modeling/acting career. There comes Kaden James!

It’s always great to hear from you! I have been working very hard within the industry and am so excited to report that I am now represented by the amazing team at LA MODELS for runway.




Crista Klayman is my incomparable agent, she has worked with everyone and is so genuine and has a smile that lights up a room! I feel beyond blessed and am eager to move forward with my career both here and around the globe. I would love to visit World of Models headquarters someday soon.


Since we spoke I also gained representation for acting by Tim Taylor at Luber Roklin Entertainment and Italia Gandolfo is my passionate and hard working literary agent. So when I’m not auditioning, making music or memorizing lines, I work on editing my book with my brilliant editor LK. Now that I have the team I am going to continue working nonstop to reach the top.


Photographers, Performance and, Bullying

I have never really had a problem posing because for me being in front of any camera whether in film or pictures I look at it as a performance. I like to take on a character when I model, it’s acting for me and that has been something I have done since I was a child.

The hardest part for me in this industry was gaining confidence because I had always doubted myself after being bullied badly as a kid but I love that a phoenix rises up from the ashes stronger than

Posing naked for a lens of a photographer someday?

 Well if you mix the letters in my name K-A-D-E-N you can spell N-A-K-E-D haha. I never say never, so I guess you’ll have to stay tuned…





An unusual/funy moment: looking like a baked lobster!

Well, this isn’t a backstage moment but I have nicknamed myself the “Lucy” of male modeling because just like in “I Love Lucy” something always seemed to go terribly wrong. For instance right before I met with Wilhelmina in LA I thought it would be a good idea to get a little sun, so the day before the meeting I went swimming turned as red as a baked lobster. 

What about the Brazilian fashion Industry? Have u ever thought about coming down here?

Brazil will always be an inspirational place. There is so much culture there, incredible dancing and beautiful people both spiritually and physically. I love each market within the industry and I hope I get to visit them all very soon. I actually hit up some agencies in Brazil just today so I might be visiting you all very soon.

What do you think of when walking down the runway? 

It feels a lot like being on stage for a music performance but with a lot less pressure. I just think this is a great rush and don’t fall, don’t fall!

 Kaden in a good shape, any secret?


Thank you very much! I would love to say it’s easy but to be honest it’s work. I go to the gym several times a week, hike all the time, go running, swimming and love to play sports. Being active and eating right has been the key to getting in peak shape for the industry. 



Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a models say is different versions of this- “People don’t realize how hard modeling is, it’s soooooooooooooooo hard”… I’ve worked hard my whole life and have worked at tough jobs- farming, working in the fast food industry, selling Hollywood tours on the street, detailing cars…

 And I gotta tell you, modeling is fun! You get to travel, wear amazing clothes, sometimes they give you product, you get invited to parties, you’re fed for free, it’s creative, you meet people from all over theworld and you can make a lot of money… I would love to see some of these complainers detail cars, work in the fast food, farm or do any other hard job. When I hear people fortunate enough to do it complain it makes me laugh. 


What if you could have a super power? What´s your fav superhero?

I would love to be able to teleport anywhere I wanted, see friends and family anytime I wanted, travel the globe and become a modern day Robin Hood, redistributing the wealth so that everyone would have food, water and clothes.

 My favorite superhero, that’s a hard one but I would say Batman because I love the batmobile and the awesome costume.   

The new projects on his singing career


Music will always be a big part of my life, I just released two singles back to back. “Blacklight” is on iTunes and has a music video which can be seen on YouTube.com/Kaden and “Fuel for the Machine” came out on a compilation for Poptronik and we are in pre-production for that music video right now. 




Next chapters

I really enjoyed talking with you and I appreciate all the exposure World of Models has given me! As for projects, I am hard at work on new music, have a single that just came out called “Fuel For The Machine” and released the single jacket for the first time here (see below), shooting with amazing photographers, I hope to travel some more, meet some more amazing people, meet someone special, try delicious food, hike new trails, continue working on my book “Flawed” and enjoy this incredible journey.



Please visit me at-




and www.instagram.com/KadenMusic

Pics by the following photographers

 Chad Michael Ward  http://thechadmichaelward.com/

Photos below by Gerry Garcia https://www.facebook.com/gerrygarcia?fref=ts

Anouk Morgan http://www.anoukmorgan.net/

Ray John Pila http://www.rayjohnpila.com/

My previous interview http://www.worldofmodels.org/kadenjames

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