Kaden James: “So many unforgettable moments and I’m thankful for them all but the first time I heard my music play in a hot LA club and people were dancing like crazy, that was awesome!”

18 out, 2011

Great to be here! (shoes are off) I’m Kaden James I’m a singer/songwriter and I currently live in Los Angeles California.

Stage: the place where he most feel alive!

I’ve always had a deep love for music, I realized what an amazing tool music could be to inspire and motivate. The moment I knew I was meant to be an entertainer was when I first took to the stage, the rush was unlike anything I had ever known and the stage became the place that I felt most alive.

That first performance was a Thanksgiving play, as a child I realized that it was highly inaccurate and made the true story of Thanksgiving historically unrecognizable.

 It made me realize how powerful a story can be both for truth or for fabrication. So I thought, why not be the writer of my script. So that’s where my truth is, within my songs.

As for being discovered I think that’s a constant process, I’m still discovering parts of me. Haha and having MTV feature me didn’t hurt either.

The routine of a singer and the fans as his inspiration

When I wake up, I go straight to my computer with my eyes still trying to adjust to the light, answer e-mails, check in on my fans and plan out my day. I am inspired by my fans, life experiences, relationships, really anything can be the spark of inspiration you just have to open your eyes to it and trust yourself. The other day I had an idea to write a new song with my fans. So right now they are tweeting me the lines they would like me to consider for the song, I’m really excited about this because it’s another way we are connected and my fans inspire me everyday with their messages.

A boy like me

To stop listening the music while you watch the video, just click on the stop button, located right below the page in Radio on line

My first music video for the song “A Boy Like Me” was inspired by a personal experience with an ex who wouldn’t stick around a struggling artist, if you know what I mean. We had very little time to get the video filmed, so we shot at an old warehouse in downtown LA rushing it into production so the network could air it in conjunction with the Real World and A-List.

I’m really thankful to everyone who was there helping out and really happy with what we accomplished. Since then the video has aired on MTV and is on their blog site. Watching it on MTV was a monumental moment and an accomplishment people told me was impossible without a label. ALWAYS DREAM BIG! The feedback has been great and I’m pursuing labels now, to have that extra support.


t’s one of my favorite songs. Lyrically it touches me on many levels. I tried to put my own influence on it with some changes but also wanted to keep the integrity of the original. The video was shot by photographer Gerry Garcia in a marine’s warehouse. He influenced many of the shots and he was very disterbed by the current climate of the world and so am I. My hope is that this new version will touch people like the orignal touched me. I know that if we listen to the words and take them in we can “live as one”.

Working with choreographers: the moves are the extension of his personality

I build a relationship with all of my dancers and choreographers so that the moves are an extension of my personality. I am working with a few great choreographers right now, that get me and what I’m trying to accomplish so it’s been great. Before rehearsals when I’m in the car I turn up some hot music and get pumped.

A fashionista?

Haha, that’s funny. I like what I like, I feel everything you buy you should have a connection to. I mix it up and wear what I’m feeling at that time.

Imagine u a famous singer surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’d smile and meet them, I’m always appreciative of my fans. They have given me so much and I want to give it right back to them ten fold.

Show biz, fame, success, fans..

Show business can be used for great good and that’s what I intend to do. I hope to help many people, inspire, be inspired and use my resources and time to better the world. I have a close bond with my fans, they know me better than anyone because they’ve met me through the songs and I will get the opportunity to meet them soon on tour. I think about them with everything I do, from every song to every performance, I work for them and I love them.

Dating X Love

Music is my love and is all I have time for at the moment.


I love soccer, have played all my life.

Attracting someone´s attention, having fun, enjoying life!

Good energy and confidence, that always gets my attention.
I’m always having fun, hanging with friends, funny movies, amusement parks, hiking, even this interview. I try to tackle all of life with fun.

The craziest (nastiest?) thing u´ve ever done in a summertime season

After this summer, I’ll get back to you on that one.

Fav body part and why

Eyes, they speak to me without words just through connection.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!): Boxer Briefs, always.

Fav singer and the music in your IPOD

Favorite singer I have so many, it’s tough to narrow it down to one. My iPod has everything from Black Eyed Peas to Stevie Nicks to David Guetta, The Civil Wars, Usher, Jeff Buckley, Skylar Grey, John Lennon.

Your guilty pleassure

Ice cream

If you weren´t a singer you´d be…

I’d cease to exist, haha.

Have u ever thought about being a model?

I’ve done quite a bit of modeling to help me pay the high cost of studio time and music production. I would love to do more as well as act. Art is art, I love all different forms of it and would love to be an even more well rounded artist. Right now I am working on a lot of music and trying to get it heard.

An unforgettable moment

So many and I’m thankful for them all but the first time I heard my music play in a hot LA club and people were dancing like crazy, that was awesome!


Currently, it’s the title of one of my new song… it’s called “Live For Today”

And when you´ll come to my world?

How could you not have a great time there! I can’t wait to go, I’m gonna dream about being there tonight.

Right now I have a lot of exciting things coming up, working on another music video, lots of new music and putting my stage show together.

 Thank you for helping me do that with this interview.

Full name: Kaden James

Contact info: KadenMusic@gmail.com
Age: 22

Contact info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaden_James

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