Meet Justin Barnhill!

26 jan, 2012

International model, musician and CEO of Max Entertainment, a company, based out of New York, who represents firm scouting to the most professional talent in various forms. And recently Justin shared his thoughts about modeling world. Check him out folks!

I´m 20 years old and I am from Maple Hill NC, USA


I actually got discovered on when I was 17. I don´t really remember much from when I first started, but my favorite shoots had to be the ones with Bruce Weber and HERO magazine.

Time is money

I just like a photographer that knows what they are doing time is money! I actually do not pose in the nude because I want to have a sqeaky clean image when I come out for acting.

Having a good time

I´ll be honest. I´m more about having a good time than keeping up with all the work that I have done! But recently I have shot campaigns for Moncler, Ralph Lauren.

Male models x Female Models

Male models do not get any credit or money compared to female models for sure.

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A fashionista?

I like to stay in a fresh suit. It makes me feel good about myself.
Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´d be pretty stoked. I always love people who enjoy my work.

Any inspiration for your modeling career?

You know I really don´t have any inspiration but I´ve always loved the Abercrombie shoots their photos are awesome.

Show business is….the business.
Having fun, enjoying life

I´m an old school to the point type of guy but I like to have fun. I enjoy the beach and positive vibes from everybody. I don´t mind telling people they are killing the buzz.

In his Ipod
I rock out on some Jay-z and Wayne

The Projects

I have a company for models called To The Max World! We place models from all around the world to agencies!
My youtube channel is

To see more of me on the day to day! Enjoy some of them here!


I gotta say my main motto in life is to never get exited. just enjoy things in the now.
 Justin Gray Barnhill
Mother agency:  Click Models

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