Julio Gaggia: ” I started to use photography as a way to have fun, to change people into other personalities”.

14 abr, 2013

Hello and thank you for having me. It is an honor to be a member of this cool family!

I was on school since I was 3 years old and painting became my passion as a way of to express my feelings about the world on a canvas. Years later, for some reason my creativity for painting disappeared and I couldn’t paint anymore.

It was very frustrating and one night with a group of my beautiful friends, a camera and a bottle of tequila, we decided to have a fun shooting. That was a very important moment for me because I could express myself through photography.

I never thought about becoming a photographer. That time, in 2005, I was studying Communications, shooting became my hobby and in a blink of an eye I was  getting hired for magazines and retail stores in Venezuela (where I am from). 

I started to use photography as a way to have fun, to change people into other personalities (as I always saw and I still see ordinary people have multiple  personalities like me). I used it as a way of rebellion and expression so my style became provocative to the people. That´s what I really wanted to reach and I think it worked it hehe.

The digital era on fashion photography

I don’t think digital helped photographers with quality. Film and Digital are 2 different things. Digital helped to let more people have access to cameras and to capture their moments. I think digital photography made faster the process of a picture and technology, it gave easy access to the digital world.

Worldwide economy crisis affected the fashion photography?

The economy is a spinning wheel, and it is all about adapting and reinventing the system, at least in Fashion. I think success it is not relying on the system, it is getting out of the system and reinventing and adapting people’s needs. I do think that in the creative field it is easer to break the system.
We just need talent and work hard for our dreams.

Capturing the perfect picture: a weird rush

The feeling is a weird rush when you know you got the perfect picture,almost like sexual. I can’t tell you how to get a perfect picture because there is not a formula, It never happens in the same way. Sometimes happens by mistake, sometimes it was exactly what you were looking for, but when it happens, it  is amazing. That is what I love about photography, it is like an experiment, you come in with ideas but you will never know what are you going to come out

Shooting models and celebrities

When celebrities are actors it is super fun to work with, I like when people know how to play characters, it becomes more interesting and it gives substance to the final result. Shooting celebrities is not the same as shooting models as usually they don’t have much time, so everything has to be ready to go.

There are no times for mistakes, everything needs to be ready. It is almost like speaking in another language, the tension is different, the personalities are different and you never know the moods they will be. It´s exciting and very interesting as I love surprises. You mold a model to create a perfect shot
and you mold everything else to create the perfect shot with a celebrity so they can look their best.

Helping the models´ careers

I think it is great and it really makes me happy to know that I could help someone to make a career. Working with new talent it is always a great challenge, they are open and willing to take directions, but you never know how it is going to go neither do they. But they are always excited and willing to give the
best of them.

Funny/unusual backstages´ moments

If you ever get to see me shooting, you will notice how I unconsciously do the faces I want the model to do. I am always dancing and prancing around.

Cool places for a shooting

Any studio, I love to create anything from scratch.
The streets of NYC. Any background in this city is always amazing.
Hotel rooms, I don’t know why but I love hotel rooms, I think it is a fetish.
Filthy bathrooms always give great shots.
Old and damage cars too.
A white wall

Image worth a Thousand words?

Yes, definitely!

The Projects

My new project is a secret right now, but what I can tell you is when is a personal project I like to shoot something more than a photogenic object or person, it needs to have substance, it needs to have personality, it cant be a waist of beauty hehehe. I am inspired for the nature of the human being, and
what would we be without education manners and respect. Sometimes I question myself if all those factors are just preventing us from being ourselves.

In what point “be yourself” really means to be yourself?. Where is the limit?. I mean the real limit? So, the word is a big part´of one of my new projects hehe.

And thanks again World of Models family to let me tell u guys about me. Stay tuned for my upcoming projects! Hugs, Julio

Contact info

Julio Gaggia´fb page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Julio-Gaggia/159298999282?fref=ts

Homepage  http://www.juliogaggia.com

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