Rio 40º. the series: Model Juan Biolchini

17 jan, 2015



Hello World of Models family , thank you for having me!!! My name is Juan Biolchini , brazilian model from Rio de Janeiro, living in Barra da Tijuca,  a small paradise full of good vibrations  and good people.







Modeling came to me when a buddy of mine, the model Kim Freire introduced me to Sergio Mattos, the director of 40 Graus Models. i was not too happy with my choice in college so modeling gave me a chance to get out of my not good routine.

My first shoot was with photographer Edu Rodrigues, a nice guy ,that taught me some important things about the career. It was a good experience

There are many pros in this career, one of them is that u have to travel a lot and learn to live ”alone”. For me, the most important thing in life is to have consciousness that the man is slave of own mind ,and when you have to be alone, traveling, you get your freedom and have conscience that you don’t need anyone and anything, but just you to be good.

And damnnnnn , good part is the session with hottttt girls haha, lov it :)




Posing to photographers 

During the shoots ,i like to interact with the photographer , it´s really cool when we have a relaxing and funny environment , everything gets natural. Before the sessions, I try to relax my face, doing some weird expressions haha.

 On backstages some crazy things happen,  but I can´t tell you the best part folks, otherwise I would be banned from the fashion world hahahah, just kidding :)

 And woman still and always will rule this business!

 Yeahh yeahh dude, and it will always going that way










 I like models with attitude, I think Cara Delevingne is sickkkk , and our brazilian muse Gisele!

 Juan, a fashionista?

Fashionista?…. kind of ….but i m inspired by punk and old school clothes

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

It would be awesome and I´d give everyone´s a cool attention!

Having fun, enjoying life

 Music and Surf means LIFE!. I love waking up early and feel the good vibration of the new day ,hearing the sound of waves get me hight , but I like to run sometimes.

Staying with my crazy and fucking best friends ,surf trips makes me really high ,and the nights in Rio de Janeiro, best place to live ever










 Craziest thing u´ve ever done in a summertime season

Hmmm, just one? There are many funny ones , but only my friends know and that s enough! J

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (LOL) 

Comfortable ones for daily activities , but for sexy moments, no underwear at all !!!!

Fav Food and Music

WOW, I love all types, I enjoy tasting diferent flavors, but sea food is my favorite one!!!!

Rock n roll ma friends. I m crazy on a good punk rock, trash Queens of the Stone age , Rage Against the Machine, The Hives , Red Hot Oldies,  Nirvana, Charlie Brown (RIP), good music ma brothas





Yourself in 10 years

In 10 years , damnnnn…a lot of changes that i could not imagine, I just want to be good , with my mind working with me

 If u weren´t a model, u´d be…. 

A pro surfer or a drummer.




Next chapters 

I´ve been great support  from  40  Graus Models  and Mega staff and I’m doing good editorials. I was in São

Paulo for the season and it was awesome , I did great jobs like campaigns and lookbooks . Now, I´m  renewing my stuff for next season and for  next year I hope to be in Milan . Good things are happening to me ,and getting better and better. I’m so thankfull for these opportunities in my life, for Sergio Mattos and all the staff of 40 graus.


And again, thank u World of Models for the opportunity to share my stories with u guys. I hope to have the support of the entire World of Models family! Stay tuned guys !!!!

Mother Agency : 40 graus models




 Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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