New faces rock, the series.Episode 71: Jou Bellini

05 set, 2013

 Hey World of Models family , my name is Jonathan Bellini , 19 years old from Itapira-SP , Brazil .

I decided to become a model 9 months ago , cuz everybody used to tell me ” why you dont try to be a model ? ” , and then I started thinking about it.

I did my first test shooting in Brazil  for Capricho mag , but in my international career I did Esquire mag and  I´ve walked  for Givenchy and CK fashion show

The Photographers: music on the set

I like working with a cool photographer  that put some music in the set and have fun in the shooting. The pics turn out great no doubt about that.

When it comes to do a naked shooting I have no problems doing that when you have a professional teamwork.

I had one shooting in the ice skating place. It was a little bit funny cuz i didn’t know how to skateboard ( lol ), but after 30 minutes in this place, I was ready. Get it on the mood baby! :) 


The runways shows

I love it. It´s a huge adrenaline when you walk down the catwalk. Everbody just looking at you wearing amazing clothes, it´s such a cool moment!

 Male models x Female models

I really dont know if male models nowdays got the same exposure as we see in female models but we are doing our best to take this place :)

As models who inspired me to pursue a modeling career, I´d say Gisele Bündchen and Marlon Teixeira 

Jou´s style: a fashionista/

I like to wear different clothes all the time , but I´m just a a normal guy into the basics

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be  cool! I love when people talk to me about my jobs  when they see me in mags, tv commercials, runways. That make me strong to keep up the good work and do my best every single day

 Dating X Loving 

Sincerity / honesty 



Health , Lightness , Distraction 

If u could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could have a super power , it would be a magic to  change the world, everybody happy , food for poor people and without violence , cuz my only superhero is God 


  An unforgettable moment

The day I became a model  


”Never give up ‘

Agency: Ford Models

Instagram : jouubellini
Fb page:

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