Josh Knight: ” I think modeling is a lot more like acting than most people realize”

11 mar, 2017


Well, to start my name is Josh Knight. Several times people have mistaken my name for Josh Knightlee because my Instagram handle (@joshknightlee). Where Josh Knightlee comes from is Lee is my middle name and @joshknight was already taken. Haha



 Now that we have the correct name I can tell you my story. I was born and raised in and around the surrounding Nashville area with a big family of five biological brothers, mom and dad. I am the fourth oldest of the six boys and had a pretty typical child hood having a dog, playing sports (baseball, Football, Wrestling), learning to play guitar, and attempting to never wear shoes.


Today I still play guitar and sing in my leisure working on my own original music and Volleyball whenever I am off and the sun is shining.


Modeling: how did all Begin

It all started when I enrolled to take acting classes. I was at the mall and there was a little booth holding auditions for an acting school. I had always liked doing plays with local organizations and thought it would be lots of fun to be apart of an acting school.

Through this school I got a casting for a hair fashion show. This was my first time on the runway and I was pretty nervous but loving all the festivities going on back stage. The energy you get when you walk out on the runway is like nothing else I had experienced. A mix of nervs, confidence, and insecurity that made for quite a rush.



At this runway show a local modeling agent from Dan Talent saw me and requested to meet me. I met with Dan and eventually signed my first modeling contract and continued to build until I moved to LA to pursue bigger opportunities in Acting and modeling.

I love the creativity of it all. Before we take our first shot some one briefs me on the idea of what is the mood of the shoot, the concept, and a few ideas for a direction of images.




I am highly creative and modeling is a great outlet for me to express myself while getting into the project. I think modeling is a lot more like acting than most people realize. Actors have an entire scene to develop a character and embody their persona while models have one image and or possibly one shoot of a couple looks.

Posing to photographers

Some things I really enjoy when working with photographers directly rather than for a client is the freedom to collaborate and create an entire project without restrictions or preconceived notions. I love trying to create photos. People will enjoy and the modeling industry will keep as inspiration or try to duplicate.




I don’t really have any special preparations before shooting. I typically will get my hair cut, trim my facial hair, get clothes for the shoot if there isn’t a stylist, sometimes do a facial, and get some sleep.


Shooting nude is not my style. its not a matter of comfort for me as much as I its just not the type of art I enjoy. I prefer dressed to  tell a story rather than simple nude or partially nude.

I have shot implied nude photography before meaning nothing shows but it is implied you are nude, but all my favorite pictures are styled shoots where I can get into character.

The backstage of a fashion show and behind the scenes of a photo shoot is typically a funny and interesting place where allot of time is spent not shooting. Usually, you have met the people you will be working with once at a casting or fitting so the extra time is good to get to know the team. One time, me and my friend went out all night before a fashion show and were falling asleep the entire time while getting our hair and make up before the show. It was so funny because I would wake up and see my friend dosing off trying to make a bed out of chairs back stage.




The runway shows

I have worked for Forever 21, Paul Smith, Express, Roberto Cavalli, Calvin Klein, Nordstrom’s, Massimo Dutti, Jack Spade, super dry, and so many more brands doing presentations and or fashion shows. The things that happen back stage are usually you have to be there for them to be funny, But when we finished the fashion show for Nordstrom’s we needed to take the elevator to the third floor to get our things and change out of our looks. so me and like 8 other male models are in the elevator and the door opens up on the second floor and two middle aged women are standing there and one says, “well looks like we picked the right elevator” and everyone started laughing. 


When I am on the runway you are typically thinking about where you are suppose to walk but also repeating the phase “please don’t fall, please don’t fall.” Most runways are pretty easy to walk on but the stairs before and after can be a little tricky. Falling is always in the back of my head but luckily (knock on wood) I have not had that happen yet.


Male models x Female models




By far, Modeling is a female dominated industry. Women appeal to more demographics and there are much more brands for women’s clothing. I think in recent years it has gotten better for male models but we will not be seeing an equal work place anytime soon.

 Some of my favorite models that I follow and draw inspiration from is Jon Kortajarena, Garrett Neff, Simon Nessman, Sean O’pry, Ashton Kutcher, and I have a huge crush on Sara Sampaio.



Dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

Lol the list is quite endless but my favorite is when someone wants to become a model and they say, ” I am an inspiring model.” Inspiring instead of aspiring, gets me every time for some reason.

Josh´s style

I like to look good like the average person. but I also enjoy throwing together unique  looks. I dress a bit Bohemian with a mixture of classic. I love suit jackets and wearing them with unconventional pants and shoes. I am not one for matching and I love colors.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think as long as the crowed wasn’t aggressive I would pose for pictures and meet and greet until I needed to be to my next destination. I love engaging with fans and meeting new people. We are all on a journey and if I can help out in your journey through motivation or a little excitement I am happy to do so.






 On show biz

I don’t think about show Biz too much. I like what I am doing and thats why I do it. If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

On Sports

orts: Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Running, gymnastics

Dating x Loving


I like independent, driven, and ambitious girls. and at the same time know how to have fun and enjoy the process. Confident and a pleasure to be around because not full of themselves and think of others as much as they think of themselves.

No one is perfect but these are the qualities I look for in people I call my friends and people I might want to continue into a romantic relationship. Me personally when I am in a relationship, I try to help my partner in anyway I can. Supportive and always there to talk things out. I am never afraid to say I don’t know instead of guessing.


Superpowers and Superheroes

Well I think seeing through walls could only get you in trouble, but the idea of being able to fly is amazing. I would visit my friends from all over the world more often and would be able to pick up and go places at a drop of a hat.

Robin Batman’s side kick. He always saves Batman in a pinch and doesn’t need the lime light.

Atracting someone´s attention

I’m not one to try to attract peoples attention.


Enjoying life, having fun

I love the outdoors. Hiking, exploring, and meeting up with friends. I frequent the beach when I am near one and love going to events.

Nickname in school

The Josh Knight (spin off from the Dark Knight) also plank because I was so tall and Skinny.

Fav body part and why

My eyes because I’m a visual person.

Music and Food

My favorite singer has to be Jack Johnson. He has such a relaxed voice that melts your heart.


Guilty pleasure:

I love sour candy. I literally can’t get enough even though I don’t eat it very often anymore.

I love home made food. specifically anything my mom makes. My favorite meal is Roast beef, carrots, mash potatoes, green beens, and rolls

Earliest childhood memory

Watching my brothers baseball games from the dug out when I was 4 years old.


Fav book

The Alchemist because I love how inspirational it is and how much there is to learn from reading it.

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 I would probably be doing marketing or creative directing.

An unforgettable moment

I will never forget new years in the philippines when we were celebrating at the Gramercy. after the count down as far as the eye could see, people were shooting fire works and since we were up so high the fireworks were actually exploding below us. It was a sereal moment in my life and I will never forget how beautiful it was.



enjoy the Process

The Projects

I just finished up shooting Bugatchi’s Spring summer 2017 collection and I’m off to New York for Mens Fashion week next.



 Josh Knight 23 years old 6″2 shoe 10 Agencies: Major New York


Next Miami

Ave Singapore

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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