Ford model Josh Button: some highlights on his modeling career!

16 nov, 2011

My bud Josh is back with some amazing pics and updates for your eyes only. Enjoy it family!

Hey Edward, great to be back with you guys. So since our last chat,  a lot has happened with me.

First, I moved my base out to Los Angeles! Time to put in a lot more work on the acting front, while still traveling for modeling of course.

Great jobs!

I have had some great jobs come out recently, The Hugo Boss Black Bodywear campaign, Espirit Bodywear, Editorials, and the Marc Anthony Label has officially launched with a commercial and print for Kohl’s- it has all been great experiences and I got to work with some amazing crews on all of the jobs this Summer.

I haven’t done any runway this year, the show circuit hasn’t really been an option with some of the other projects I’ve been involved with.

World economic crisin on modeling world? What about Brazil?

I have noticed changes in all the markets that I have worked in, but I’d say most of them have been based mainly on the world´s economic issues, not just market specific shifts. I’ve never been to Brazil actually. But I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, and I’d love to get down there for both work and vacation.

Women still rule this business?

Haha, it’s definitely still and will most likely always be a women’s business!  Women both buy & sell fashion– zero argument for that:)

Having fun and enjoying life!

I have tried to pick up surfing a bit this year in my spare time, it’s a lot harder than it looks!  So nice just to paddle out and feel the energy of the ocean, I’ll definitely stick with it.

Now that I’m on the west coast, I’ve discovered and LOVE In-N-Out Burger, it’s kept me on treadmills a little longer for sure, but it’s so worth it! Haha, double double deliciousness!

In his IPOD…

Recently I’ve been into the Black Key’s, Phoenix, Foster the People, The Naked & Famous, and I’ve been working out to Crystal Castles or the new Jay-Z and Kanye album.. I’m sre I’ll be on to new stuff in a breathe or two!

The Projects

The next thing I’m shooting is British GQ, it’s a surf story in Malibu, Ca!

My mother agency is Ford NY.

All the best for you til we speak again sir! Enjoy that Brazil sunshine!

Josh Button

Twitter @JoshButton

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