Josef Lauvers: “I enjoy to be in front of the camera and do some facial and body expressions”

09 set, 2017


Hi World of Models,  my name is Josef, 26 years old. I live in Espírito Santo, Brazil. It’s a beautiful city with falls, mountains, beachs. Its really hot in Summer and really cold during the Winter, in summer is really hot and winter is really cold so its perfect for us.  We have a mix of people and cultures living here so I love so much my hometown. As a matter of fact, I love Brazil!


Modeling: how did all begin

 I started modeling 12 years ago and my first travel was when I went to São Paulo and my first international trip was Hong Kong (my fav country), when I was 17. I´ve already traveled to 11 countries so far and I really enjoy doing that. Its really cool meeting such unique cultures and different people around the world.


I got to my self a lot of experiences Bad and great experiences in my life on my ride around the world. I feel blessed to have such amazing experiences.


Actually I didn´t decide to become a model. When I was child my teachers  used to tell me that I should try a modeling career but I wasn´t really interested that time. So, when I was a teen, I wanted money to buy clothes, skates to go out with my buddies. My teachers talked to me again about modeling and then I decided to give a try. They recommended me Ragazzo Mgmt.


 They didn´t like my look at first time. Six months later I tried again and for my suprise  they liked. Then I got my first contract!


My first test shooting was on one abandoned building with  Cristiano Sarthler, a model from my agency too. We did a great job and I felt like “Wooow I’m finally a real model”.

The best thing about modeling is everyday is a real surprise, you never know what happens next.One day you have no money, and all of sudden you get a big job and you have 10 thousand dollars in your pocket:)

Today you are in Brazil and tomorrow you are in India.

So, travel and surprises  are the best thing! It´s a business full of suprises and that’s great!


Posing to photographers

I enjoy to be in front of the camera and do some facial and body expressions. I don´t have any previous preparations, just let it flows and do my best to achieve a great result. A creative works, that´s the key!

No I don’t have any problem to be naked in front of a  câmera. Actually I really like to do artistic nudes.




The catwalks´ experiences

I´ve already walked for Dolce & Gabanna and Gianfranco Ferré in Milan, São Paulo Fashion week, Auslander,  KAPPA Fashion uslanderweek-Beijing/China, Diesel-Hong Kong Fashion Week,Giorgio ArmaniI-Singapore, Abu Jani Sandeep Kohsla-Lakme Fashion Week/Mumbai-India, just to name a few.

When I´m walking down the catwalk, I just free my mind and enjoy the moment.

A funny backstage story happened in a show for Diesel in Hong Kong 2008. I smoked a join before the show and when it was my turn to walk down I felt like I was walking there  hours and hours. Oh my God, I was completely stoned lol.


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Male models X Female models: Who rule this business? 

Male models don´t have e the same exposure as the female models do. They still rule deftly!

My biggest inspiration is Giselle Bundchen, She is just perfect and also others incredible brazilian top models like Alessandra Ambrósio, Isabeli Fontana, Cintia Dicker and other



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Josef´s style 

I’m not a fashionista, I just enjoy wearing comfortable clothes when I´m not working as a model.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

I´d be shy and nervous due the unexpected situation, but I´d give everyone´s attention for sure:)






Having fun, enjoying life

I’m kind of guy that love adventure and adrenaline I like to try new sports, new things.  I like parties and enjoy life to the fullest. I’m  dating now. I´m a  romantic guy and her name is Nicole Kuster Porpino. She’s doctor and my partner in life.

Superpowers and Superheroes

 If I had super power I would like to have a super force.

My favorite super hero is Wolverine

Atracting someone´s attention

My way to attract someone’s attention is trying to do one striking eyes in the eyes!


Craziest and Nastiest thing ever done in a Summertime season

When I took a shower with all my clothes and my new Iphone in my pocket, and  
after this they found me in the bathroom totally naked with an open door
This party  called “Churave”, and  after that I really don´t  remember what happened later on lol.

 Fav boday part 

My eyes, and on girls, the full package hahahah




Nickname at school “JuJu Balandia”

Music and Food 

Lithium is my fav music, Kurt Cobain my fav Singer and barbecue all the way!

An unforgettable moment

I have a lot of unforgettable moments that can ride a book!


Josef in 10 years

 I see myself as a married businessman, traveling around the world with my family.

Next Chapters

 My focus now is to  finish my high school

because I quit it some years ago due to  my modeling career but next year I intend to be back to my international modeling career stronger than ever!.

Name: Josef Lauvers: 26


Shoe: 43


Height: 1’89
Weight: 40

Mother Agency: Ragazzo Mgmt 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor