Jordan Torres: “My first show was for Givenchy. We were all backstage having fun. Kanye west was there”

16 jun, 2013

Hey what’s up guys! My name is Jordan Torres.

 I’m from Bronx, New York. Born and Raised! I’m Puerto Rican 100%. I love playing sports and spending quality time with my close friends and family. I’m thankful everything and I love enjoying life. My favorite cookies are raspberry cheesecake cookies from Subway.


Modeling: his firs time through the lens of Joseph Bleu


I became a model in the year 2011. I never thought I’d be a model. One day I was walking around in Soho in NYC and got scouted. I thought it was fake but happen to be real. Very bless.

My first test shoot was with Joseph Bleu. It was a bit weird lol, kinda hard finding and meeting with the lens but JB gave me some tips and it was good. I got some great pictures out of it. Still one of my favorite shoots! once I started shooting jobs, it was pretty cool. a lot of fun.

The best thing about modeling so far is seeing yourself on billboards and mags. Its a good feeling. Also meeting new people, agents, clients and models. I met some really cool people, got some good model friends. Modelings is fun, I like it. Sometimes could be stressing but that’s any job for you.

Posing to photographers: confindence and style

Working with photographers is fun. I want to have a fun shoot cause I want some amazing pictures of it. No special preparation. Its all natural. just gotta do what you gotta do. take over the show. confidence and style.

Hahahahahaha! Being naked in front of the camera. honestly, its my job now. I’m comfortable with myself. I’m a professional male model. Taking pictures is my job. Lol I do have a story for you guys. Recently I shot a spread for a mag and I had to wear a girl bikini top! hahahaha! it was me just being a clown. So look forward to seeing that!

The catwalks´s experiences

My experience in catwalks was cool, I didn’t want to fall lol! Now its normal. My first show was for Givenchy. We were all backstage having fun. Kanye West was there. Some brands, Givenchy, Adidas, Nike, MACYS, Levi’s, American Apparel a few more. I look forward to working with a lot more brilliant designers. Its only the beginning.

The fashion industry: male models rule?

Nope! lol Women still rule the business for sure. We get exposure but not as much. But we are getting a whole lot of attention each year. A lot of campaigns with some females. As the business grows, maybe it will. It will be cool if it can be 50/50.

Sean O’ Pry and Noah Mills those guys make me want to pursue my modeling career. They made a great name for themselves. Females models, Joan Smalls. We come from the same homeland! She’s Puerto Rican and so am I! It will be to represent where we come from. 2 Famous Models from Puerto Rico! Miranda Kerr too! Maybe just because I have a crush on her :x lol There’s a lot of females in the business that does really well. 

I respect it! someday I’ll get there. I’m in good hands. Its been a fun journey! only going to get better. Got to stay humble and thankful.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Lol! I wouldn’t mind it. I enjoy fans and supporters. That will actually be really cool. Lets see if that happens! Honestly, its building.

Jordan´s style

A fashionista?

Yes, I love fashion! I like to be pretty simple. I’m into nike running sneakers with some nice chinos pants and a white v-neck. Now if we going out, got to switch it up. get a little more classy and high end but I prefer to be simple but still looking crispy ( as I say ) lol. I’m giving up my secrets for you guys! lol my style is very chill and cool. well sometimes! lol

Atracting someone´s attention

Just walk by the girl and give them a little look. lol I’m sure they know whats up!

Loving x Dating

I have no love life at the moment. I’m single


I play all sports. Mainly Rugby, I’ll share some great news with you guys. I got into the Olympic Development Academy recently. I’m hoping to be in the Olympics 2016. USA tryouts soon!

Atracting someone´s attention

I’ll just walk by the girl and give them a little look. lol I’m sure they know whats up!

Having fun, enjoying life

I have fun by hanging out with my friends, going out clubbing or just catching a movie. I like walking around the city and just saying jokes amongst ourselves. simple guy stuff!

Craziest thing in a summer time season

One day me and my friends went to the beach at night and stood there over night! so so much fun.

Favorite body part and why

I don’t think I have one! lol

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange

In his Ipod

I like all kind of music. All kinds!

Fav food

Cheeseburger Deluxe

Guilty pleasure

Eating candy and snacks when I’m not suppose too! lol

If u weren´t a model, u´d be

A full time college student and rugby player.

The Upcoming Projects

I want to surprise you guys. I cant share too much lol. I’ll share one of them. I got a 12 page spread coming out with swim wear! Be  prepare.

Living in LA and Paris


Stay Positive and Have Faith in yourself. Never give up!

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy the interview. Eddie u are the man!


Jordan Torres Mother ageny. Soul Artists Management

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