Jonny Preston: “I decided to become an actor when I saw Heath Ledger’s performance in Monsters Ball”.

16 abr, 2017

Thank you kindly for this opportunity, My name is Jonny Preston.


I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. My personal interest when I’m not working on acting are volunteering at the dog shelters, creating videos for them to showcase their strengths and personalities.


The Acting career: how did all begin


 I decided to become an actor when I saw Heath Ledger’s performance in Monsters Ball. The moment I realized I can use my painful experiences from life in my scripts to send a message I was hooked.


My first Film role was Wake Up David, it was a lead role and I had no film experience at that time, I’m grateful that my training prepared me enough to get in the door.

I aspire towards any roles that challenge me to help tell a meaningful story, people take movies and tv to heart and are excellent critics and it’s a big responsibility to be honest in your roles.

My first audition was for the Lead Vampire Diaries, before that I never picked up a script I was probably awful, I told myself I won’t audition again until I was ready, and moved to NYC to train and discover what acting was really all about. I’m grateful for that experience.


Fame, Success, Show biz….

Fame and Success are  byproducts of a successful show or movie your lucky to be a part of. Success to me is using that platform to help those in need, such as the likes of Paul Walker and Paul Newman.

Actors into fashion world: a cool stuff?

 Of course I respect all forms of art, I’ve always been to short for runway so I was very pleased to have some very respectable agents tell me to stick to acting it’ll pay off.

Beauty x Professionalism

 Beauty is internal, I look up to certain actors because of their talent but the fact they recognize  that they are fortunate in a world where people starve to death, lack clean water, and utilize their strengths to help means so much more.






Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 


I would probably tell them to go to their nearest shelter, and do something nice for someone even once a week, it spreads like a wildfire.

On fans and paparazzis

 It’s part of being part of projects that have exposure, most of my films I’ve done are independent, but if something comes along that has a commercial appeal I would welcome them and try to get the message out to help others in need.

Dating X Loving

  I come at it pretty simple, whatever makes you happy






I’ve auditioned for My All American portraying Freddie Steinmark, wow was that an honor because I grew up loving football!

 Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying the best of life

 Be genuine and if it works good. if not that’s ok.
 I like to go to the East and West Valley Animal Shelters in Los Angeles. I’ve always helped out at the Miami Dade Shelter, So many beautiful dogs being put down due to no exposure, please go!


Fav body part and why

Heart, to understand those who need a helping hand.

Music and Food

James Bay

 I love a nice Itialian place, Divino in Brentwood is a romantic hideaway.

Superpowers and Superheroes

    To cure cancer, especially children’s cancer.

 The Hulk because he means well, but is so powerful he needs to learn to control his anger.

Earliest childhood memory

  My dysfunctional childhood, which helped me to become a better man.

Nickname in school


If u weren´t an actor, u´d be…

A psychologist, or working for Reach Out World Wide to help with Paul Walkers charity. I’d like to help with that regardless.


Yourself in 10 years

Hopefully helping more dogs and people

An unforgetable moment

 Seeing New York City for the first time, breathtaking.

Current and upcoming projects

 I lead a short film Titled No Flowers, and just moved to Los Angeles from NYC.

Full name: Jonny Prestonontact info:



27. 5’9 145 9.5

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor