The young photographer Jonathan Wolpert: “I define my style as something beautiful that came from the darkness”

20 abr, 2011

Hello World Of Models! It’s MY pleasure to be part of this family, I’m really excited! I’m Jonathan Wolpert, 18 years old, a fashion photographer and I live in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.


I started photography when I was 13 when my mom gave me a polaroid camera. I started shooting plants, sky, dark places and some friends. When I turned 16, I was invited to do   an editorial, and it was soooooo crazy because just 2 weeks later I got my first exibition! Since that day Elizabeth Pontes (my pretty agent!) has been taking good care of my career.

I define my style as something beautiful that came from the darkness. I’m totally obessed with dark themes, since my biggest influences are Tim Burton and Karin Dreijer (from The Knife/Fever Ray).

Of the Moda

I’ve been working a lot with Of The Moda magazine ( making the main editorials and covers, and it’s been pleasure! I’m actually trying to put up an exibition soon focused on “violence/blood/darkness” themed pictures.


Special moments, models and the cool places for a shooting

The special moments happen when you realize that you´ve made something different and unique from what people do, it’s when you catch the beholder´s attention, when they say WOW!. These are such unforgettable moments.

It’s sooooooo good helping talented people. That’s one of my favorite aims, when I can help them to achieve their dreams ,  since I’m about to start living my dream!

I love shooting in nature, a place where I can use my imagination, anything is possible. I can do a dark shoot, but also a light and clean shoot. I love shooting in my home studio, I just feel like being at home! I also love shooting in high technology places and in the middle of the city, with people everywhere.


A funny backstage´s moment: Spiders in his feet!

When I’ve made my first magazine. I had to climb some huge rocks, but I didn’t saw some spiders in the rocks, so a few seconds later I was screaming and jumping because all the spiders got into my feet and legs. It was so painful, but today I think it was a funny moment,a real “Jim Carey´s moment haha.


Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion photography?

Tthe fashion photography market is growing, but there is still a long way to go in order to achieve  a real balance.



Maybe. Image is what you see, but sometimes is so good to say something out loud for someone in order to express a moment that image can´t capture.

Upcoming Projects


My pictures featured in the cover of a international magazine based in London called SQUARE and I’m really excited about it!

Also I have someother jobs going on and probably I´ll do some exibitions soon. My dream is to be able to take fashion pics around the world.

Thank you so much for sharing this cool moment with you guys. I hope to do some work with World of Models soon!

Big Hug
Jonathan Wolpert

Contact info: EP Models Agency

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