New faces rock, the series. Episode 43: Jonathan Santos

31 mar, 2012

First of, I´d like to thank Ed for inviting me to join the World of Models family!

My name is Henri Jonathan Santos, 20 years olda and I was born in Liege, Belgium. I´ve been living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since 2002.

My aims are learning more and more to fulfill my dreams. Modeling and Acting are my 2 main passions and I´ll do my best to become a sucessful professional into these 2 careers. You guys gotta believe me: you´ll see me acting on the small screen in a future not too far yeahh yeahh!



Since I was a child, I always enjoyed to strike a pose, but studying was my priority. After 2 years in Europe studying gastronomy, I arrived in Rio during the fashion week and all my friends were there.

I also met some cool people and an agent invited to go to a modeling agency in São Paulo. He was very interested in me so I grabbed this chance!

Good advices

I had cool advices from some friends of mine who are models, so nowadays I feel more confident and comfortable when I´m posing to the lens a photographer.

Never posed naked before, I´ll think about it later, but I´d do it if it was for a professional job done by a great photographer.

 Black models in the fashion industry

I think black models should have more opportunities in a country where we have a mix of amazing races living together. Fortunately things around the world have been changing and we are getting more exposure into the fashion world.


The catwalks experiences

That´s my fav place to be! My best catwalks ever were the 2 fashion weeks seasons recently in São Paulo. I´ve walked for Reserva and Alexandre Herchovitch. I didn´t see many black models in those fashion weeks, but, again I believe things will change pretty soon :D

My style? Hmmmm, I think I´m kinda a contry stylish boy lol lol
Suddenly a famous model surrounded by huge crowd? Wow! I´m just a simple guy. Humility and respect to everyone, that´s the key to be great man/woman in the society we live.

Show business is inside of me! I think I was born for the show lol lol. Fame and Success are the result of a professional job. If you really love what you do, go for it, work hard, focus and you´ll be successful.

Drreams, Friendship, Sports, Music…

I think the first thing I would choose to achieve my dreams is respect to be respected, be happy making others happy and never change my way of being a “kiddo” hahahah

I am a guy who enjoys the friendship and spread the love

Skate is my fav sport

I do not know how to attract someone´s attention. I just try to be myself


I enjoy life going to beach with my family and buddies and also going to exotic places

Eyes, my fav body part

I don´t like using underwear. Most of the time I’m wearing my trunks lol



I’m a fan of Criollo, the new generation of brazilian MC´s

Rice, beans, salad and chicken all the way! That´s my fav food


Thanks for having me ED. My upcoming projects are travel around the world, meeting new agencies outside Bazil and discovering new cultures, after all, I´m an adventurous man heheheeh



Jonathan Santos
Contact info: Mega Models Brasil 


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