Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model Jonatas Castro

09 mar, 2013

Hello World of Models family! My name is Jonatas Castro, born in Santos, in the southeast coast of Brazil.

I love philosophy and spirituality. I’m a nature lover: I like to go hiking in the woods, rock climbing, tree climbing, and I love rivers and falls.

Though I’ve always lived on the coast, I prefer sweet waters, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like a nice sea bath. I’m a bodybuilder, not only because of the esthetics, but I’m fascinated with the human strenght.

Modeling: how did all begin  

I decided to be a model in my early adulthood, at 18, due to family and friends influence. The thing is that I’ve always been “the tallest in class”. I’m 6’2 and I have juicy lips, which leads me to the model stereotype. My first tests were awful. With no experience, I saw guys much more prepared than me – and that scared me for a bit. Now, at 31, I feel younger and much more prepared to face the lens all fired up! I enjoy what I do and I’m studying to become an actor.

]Working with the photographers: feeling comfortable and relaxed

I like it when I previously know the photographer, so the job gets more relaxed and feels comfortable. I don’t have any rituals before the jobs. What I do is to try to keep myself relaxed and pay attention to the client’s needs. I’ve never done anything naked. I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable. I’m kind of strict when it comes to my intimacy.

The catwalks experiences: flatulence!!! :)  

There was this convention at Colcci’s factory in Santa Catarina. We were more than 40 models, boys and girls altogether. They were full of cheer, and in the backstage we laughed a lot . One of the models had a flatulence problem and, at the end of the fashion show, he couldn’t hold it – and he was one of the first in the line. All of the models had to suffer the consequences! Some laughed, others got really angry. I remember I couldn’t stop laughing till I cried!

Male models X Female models

Male models nowadays work as much as female do. I believe men have been conquering their space in this market, but the fact is that girls are still the majority.We do get the same attention as female ones have always gotten, however we are and we’ll always be less numerous.

Any fav model?

Nope, I don’t have a favor model. I am a big fan of the Brazilian ones. It is such a very rich mixture of cultures that the whole world recognizes the beauty of our people. If any worldwide dispute is set, Brazilians are always pointed out. And new talents every single day.

Acing is one of his passion too

Since I’m a kid, I am very expressive. In family reunions and parties with friends, somehow I always “take the scene”. In high school, acting lessons were my favorite. When I started modeling, I realized that a good model must be also a good actor. We have to cast a character upon us on every job. What most thrills me in this art is the power to dive into different universes of your real life. You can live through different eyes, different feelings – another perspective of our world.

For now, I’m working in the publicity area, but I plan on doing TV and cinema. Actually, what I really want to do is to be a great TV show host. I’m trainning for that. I’m in love with mankind and my real purpose is to contribute to a better world through my performances on life stage.

A fashionista? 

I can’t say I follow the fashion. I like to be casual with a little bit of sophistication. I don’t throw the basics away.

Imagine u a famous model/actor surrounded by a huge crowd! 

  I would never think of that hypothesis before. It is hard to answer it without having this experience before. I’m not into isolating myself. I’ve always liked to be with friends. Somehow, we’re all brothers. We’re a big human family formed by billions of members. We must unite for a greater cause.  

Show business, Fame, Success…

I have always liked the entertainment world. I believe this industry moves our modern society.

Dating X Loving




Atracting someone’s attention

Being myself

Having fun, enhoying life

Outdoors, with the people I love.

Favorite body part and why

Arms. They are my main partners in building all my projects in my life.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

Boxer briefs, always!

In his Ipod

I like classic music, rock, jazz, blues… To dance? Electronic! To relax, psychill

Fav food

Açaí and japanese food would be part of my menu during all year. And there must be a good salad, too.

Guilty pleasure

Eating sweets!

If you weren´t a model, you’d be…

Anthropologist, researcher, humanist, activist.


 An unforgettable moment

The day I learned I’m going to be a daddy

The Projects

I’m now studying philosophy and working on an entertainment project. My goal is to create a humanist NGO and work as a show host


Truth above anything

Full name

Jônatas Luiz de Castro Corrêa (Jônatas Castro)

Mother agency

L’equipe Agence

And check out my fb page folks!!/pages/J%C3%B4natas-Castro/366397803444220

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