John Tagliaferro: “If I could choose between fly and see through walls, I´d choose flying to see the people I love anytime I want”

19 mar, 2015

Hello everyone ,my name is John Tagliaferro a very relaxed guy and I was born in Goiânia a city located near Brasília, the capital of Brazil. I like to have fun,  eat well, dance and watch tv shows, all at the same time lol


Modeling and Posing to Photographers

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 Actually I always dreamed about having an artistic life, but I decided to become a model a few years ago,

when many friends, and even people who I didn’t know were telling me that I should try, so I did.

 What I like most when I pose to the phtographers is when they are interested to do something different, Creative, and also when they know that they are dealing with a man, not a robot and know how to work on our feelings and put that on the picture.

 I did a nude shooting with the photographer Wong Sim some time ago in Bali (the pictures are still to come out).  I’m comfortable posing naked If I feel that the team I’m working with is respectful and professional, focusing to do art.

 In this shooting, for example,  I was a bit shy in the beginning, but then I realized how professional the team was,  I became more relaxed.






Something really unusual happened that day. I went to the pool in the morning before shooting to do some exercises,and I’ve hurt my feet, a few hours before shooting.

It was not so serious, but when we got at the location, rocks around the sea, the salt from the water was burning my feet! But I think it was kinda  natural treatment I guess  :)

I’ve worked for Skingraft too. They shot me for the upcoming launching of the new division of the brand. It was in Bali also, in a skate park. Wearing winter clothes. It was really hot, but such a cool result!





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Male models x Female models 

For sure, female models still rule the fashion business, but male models have been  getting more and more exposure into this industry. It´s something natural, I don’t complain. 

I have many favorite models, Gisele Bündchen is the queen, for sure, and I love Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and Cara Delevingne.

About guys, Marlon Teixeira, Francisco Lachowski and Jon Kortajarena inspire me a lot, It´s not just because of  their profile and how beautiful they are, but also because of their personality and the way they take their careers.

John, a fashionista? 

 I like alternative things, vintage, different and modern styles. I love to be comfortable though.




Superpowers and Super heroes 

If I could choose between fly and see through walls,  I´d choose flying to see the people I love anytime I want. And also have the power to change the world, the bad feelings and thoughts about it, Make everybody live in a place with health, love and peace. 

Music and Food

I love David Bowie, Muse, Avicci, Macklemore, Coldplay, Icona pop and so. I haven´t heard so much lately but I love Amy Winehouse. I love music a lot! It´s one thing that definitely change my mood anytime.

 My favorite food is the brazilian one! Brazilian barbecue is delicious!


Guilty pleasure 

Eat not so healthy food, such as chocolate, pizza, hamburgers and so, I love sweet!



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Having fun, enjoying life 

I love art, fashion and music, but live life to the fullest is the most important thing for me, Nature is something which makes me feel alive.

Love and peace, guys!





John Tagliaferro 

Model Agency: Fun Models Management  

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor