Model Johnny Rendon: “In the fashion world u have to expect the unexpected!! And I love that about this industry!”.

10 fev, 2012

Thank you for having me here, I am Johnny Rendon, as you all know, colombian native, currently living in NYC and CT!

Love hanging out with my friends specially the ones that know how to make me laugh a lot!!! Love music, Art. Also love encouraging others for better, never put myself down always stay positive no matter what the circumstance is! ;)

Everything started when I graduated high school, people would tell me that I should try modeling that I was very photogenic and stuff and I was like hmmmm… Then I did my first shoot ever.

The photographer asked me how long had I been modeling for, because the shots were nice, and I was like this is my 1st shoot ever. He’s like we’ll let me tell u, u have a natural talent and I was like how is that possible? Should I really pursue this?

And here I am on the road of models castings, shoots, shows and so on!Right now I’m working on commercial and print modeling! ;).

The best thing for me about modeling is the people u meet and get to work with since u do things differently everyday! ;) In the fashion world u have to expect the unexpected!! And I love that about this industry!.

Working with photographers: teamwork

Well, what I like most about working with a photographer, is for everyone on set to be on the same page! And when u know what u are booked for or what emotions u are portraying the rest is a wrap and the job is done in less time than expected! I don’t have any preparations I just like making funny faces to stretch my face muscles before a shoot lol.

Posed naked already? Ready for an unexpected interview?

No I have not posed naked for any fashion editorial, I think some nudity is fine, but completely naked might be lil awkward. (just saying).

I was backstage of a show and they were interviewing some of the models I was praying for them not to interviewd me, and they did I don’t know If the answers I gave them made any sense but I was in such adrenaline rush because u’re so anxious about the walked once the opposite side of the runway. Lol that was funny but hey I’m a human being make mistakes laugh at them and keep on moving on the road!! ;)

The catwalks experiences: print and commercial pay more shhhhhh!

since I’m more of a print and commercial model, I haven’t really done anyone huge, but that’s not where my set is. I go towards the print and commercial stuff! Pays more!! :) shhhh I didn’t say anything! Lol for me being 5’10″ I believe I’m a pretty strong walker!

Male models x Female models

Must say women still run it, but us male models are here to make that change! And things are changing! Which is great!! I do believe there’s always a preference on women when it comes to models even though male models do get attention it isn’t as much as female models. Fav. Male model Jon Kortajarena and Female model Gisele Bundchen. Really like their work.

A fashionista?

I do  believe models should know how to present themselves anywhere they go. But I do wear my sweats and a T’s when I’m home.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I please the people. Lol, I’m a people pleaser, I think u have to always thank them for putting u in that position u are in life! So I would take photos and be nice to all!

Dating X Love

I believe that when the time is right for a person to be in love and date everything around will fall in to place


Swimming, beach volleyball

Atracting someone´s attention

By being goofy or funny. I guess… lol :-b

Having fun, enjoying life

Love family, love roller coasters, so theme parks, beach, pool.

The craziest (nastiest?) thing  in a summer time season

HHMMM have to get back to u guys on this!! Lol

Fav body part and why 

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Brief boxers! And some briefs

Eyes, because they are green lol ;-b

In his Ipod

Adele, and I like listening to techno, and really like Parov Stelar.
Guilty pleasure

Sweets (red velvet cake) ;)

If you weren?t a model you?d be…

A dancer, Love Music I believe I mentioned this before ;)

An unforgettable moment

I cherish every moment!! I have plenty and I’m not selfish so let’s credit them all !! ;) haa



Never give up on your dreams!

 Full name: Johnny Rendon

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Mother agency:Vmodels NYC