The german model Johannes Niermann: some highlights on his modeling career

04 mai, 2011

He is back to World of Models family, sharing his updates on his modeling career since his last interview


Hello Edward and all readers of The World of Models. A lot of things happened since my previous interview.   I got more into the European market, working with strong agencies in each region of Europe. Another project was the first trip to the States in August 2010 when I walked for cool brands in the New York fashion week.

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My focus now is to reach new modeling markets all over the world and to find the best way to be even more professional, gain experience, knowledge and earn money.

The modeling markets: european, asian, american

Of course, all these markets are quite unique and have their particularities. For example, if you are a commercial and older model, Germany is the right place for you. If you are skinny and fashion, you should stay in Paris.  The important thing is that you can find in all these places the right market for you and still walking for the best fashion designers and become a successful model. In Europe and in America you achieve a good visibility, while in Asia is a huge market and also has its particularities.

And what about Brazil??

I did my book and just few fashion shows over there. Definitelly Brazil is one of my favorite places. When I started my modeling career, I´ve walked for  Blue man, Zoomp, Soudan, TNG just to name a few. It was really amazing. I feel privileged to be discovered by my super agent Elizabeth Pontes, director of EP MOdels (she rocks!!).

So far so good! I´ve been working in a less stressful way. The results have been great. Well, you guys can check out all these pics posted here. I´m sharing with all the World of Models family, so have fun lol!

The wordwide economic crisis affected the fashion world?

Definitely! We´ve been dealing with  a huge recession. Let’s say that people who used to buy the Prada handbags are not buying so often as they used to do before this crisis starts. But, I believe that things will get better soon, after all, life goes on and the fashion industry will recover again.

Johannes on sports, having fun, enjoying life and his secret to be in a good shape!

My life is all about sports. I enjoy soccer, tennis, swimming, bodyboard, sky or snowboarding. In 2010 I didn´t have enough time for sports. During holydays in Portugal I spend some cool moments in the beaches. In Germany, Spain, Milan, Paris I usually relax a couple of days before the beggining of the european fashion weeks.

It´s difficult to be in a good shape, especially during the fashion weeks when you are all day long running over the city with no time to rest or getting good food. I usually  eat a lot of protein bars during the fashion weeks and when I´m back home I just hit back to the gym and work hard!

The tatoos!

I was 18 and I used to draw pics, caracters of the comics and tatoos too. I just thought that it would be great to have a tatoo in a specific part of my body that nobody had drawed before so I decided to do it! So far the feedbacks have been good and nowadays I´m also well known (hopefully not because of the tatoos lol lol!), but let´s say it´s easier to remember the model with the cool sexy tatoo lol lol!.

The Projects


I´ll be Walking for the american and european fashion weeks till August. I´d love to come to Brazil for São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio, but the dates of the european fashion weeks are the same as the one in Brazil, so stay tuned for my upcoming projects folks!

Thanks for reading my updates on modeling career.


Johannes Niermann

Contact info: EPmodels Agency Brazil –


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