Joe LoCicero: “I see fame simply as a side effect of success. In any field (business, politics, acting, etc.) great success is recognized”

14 jun, 2013

Hi World of Models. I´m Joe LoCicero.

 I grew up in New York on Long Island andsince I was very young the two things I loved most were fighting and acting.

Modeling: how it all begin

I was approached to model by an agent while watching a movie in New Jersey. It sounded new and exciting so I said yes the next week. My first test shoot was with John Malinowski. Shortly after shooting with John, my first job was shooting with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie.

One of the best things about modeling for me is that I have had my image captured by some of the world’s best photographers. While these photos are merely na aid for me to book work now; when I’m old and aging, I realize that being able to look at these photos from my youth shot by masters is a privilege that most people will never have, and I am very grateful.

Another aspect of modeling that I am very grateful for is the people is has allowed me to meet. It has given me the opportunity to meet agents and managers and pursue my goal of an acting career; which, without my foundation in modeling would have been much more difficult.

Posing to photographers: having a real good time!

The best photographers to work with are people who you could see yourself hanging out with in a non-professional environment. Shooting with a photographer who is kind, respectful, and is someone you actually enjoy spending time with is great. It makes a day of shooting fun and relaxing, and it always seems to create better photos.

I don’t normally prep much for a photo shoot. I keep myself lean and in shape year round, so at most I’ll cut some calories one or two days before a shoot.

However, when I was shooting the Hurmoso underwear line with four or five other guys, we would run across the street to a local playground and do pullups on the jungle gym to get as pumped as possible before we went back in to shoot.

The most unusual situations I’ve seen on set for jobs is when another model takes advantage of the the alcohol offered. I’ve seen models get too drunk and pass out in a hallway not even half way through a day of shooting.

The catwalks experiences

I enjoy doing runway shows. They are quick and easy for the models with the exception of some quick changes. As easy as it is though, right before walking out on stage recreates the same type of nervousness as waiting behind the curtain for your play to start, or even waiting in the locker room before a fight.

The walk is obviously much less demanding, but I enjoy that particular nervous feeling.

I would be hard pressed to remember every runway show I have done. In La I walk in most of Anthony Franco’s runway shows, and I have enjoyed his the most. He always has a great group of people working with him and for him, his shows are always high quality and I always wish I could steal his whole line after the show.

Imagine u a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

At this stage in my career I’m sure I would enjoy the moment, as long as it was not out of hand. I have had individual people recognize me, but never a whole crowd. As long as people were respectful, it would be very flattering

Show business, Fame. Success and 5 most important things for his life

As with any field of business, show business has its good and bad. It is the business I plan on making a career in, so I am prepared for both. I see fame simply as a side effect of success. In any field (business, politics, acting, etc.) great success is recognized. That recognition can also be a decent measuring stick for your level of success. My goal is to create successful careers in modeling and acting, and if I can achieve that, I will gladly accept any side effects that come along with it. 1) Food and Water 2) Acting 3) Fighting 4) Great Movies and Music 5) Quality Friendships.

Human rights, free speech, wars and sexual behavior

We quickly jumped from the vain world of modeling to important social issues! As for human rights, free speech, and sexual behavior, they are, in my opinion, elementary principals of human freedom. In any country that considers their people free, these should not be political issues at all, but merely givens as implied by the freedom of it’s peoples.War is a much more complicated issue.

I believe war is very necessary in a small percentage of circumstances. The trouble is, it is only posible to determine if a war was necessary or not in retrospect

The Fetsum Video

The Fetsum video was impromptu. I was training for a fight in the gym, and Fetsum and the director walked in to the gym and assked if they could film me for their video.

Joe´s style

A fashionista?

I am the opposite of a fashionista. I have tried at times, as it seemed important for my profession, but when I have it always felt forced. 90% of the time you can catch me in sweatpants or gym shorts depending on the weather, and on lucky days I’ll be in a nice pair of jeans and shoes.


To watch: I love all combat sports (MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai), Football (College and Pro), Baseball and Basketball. To do, I’m always doing some kind of Martial Arts Training.

Having fun, enjoying life

I enjoy watching great movies, funny television shows, working out, good food and good friends

The craziest (nastiest?) in a summer time season

I lived in Beijing for a summer

Fav body part and why

My hands. I couldn’t get much done without them.

In his IPOD

 Nas, Wu Tang, just give me Classic Hip Hop. As for new music, I just got turned on to a group called Pro Era with Joey Bada$$. I think they’re doing great things and I’m really rooting for them.

Fav food

fav underwear daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

Usually just Hanes boxers (fashion is really not my thing, lol), and underwear has no place in coooool sexy moments :)

An unforgettable moment

I try not to forget any moment in my life

The Projects

A new project of mine is putting on a one act play with a few friends here in Los Angeles  

When you´ll come to my world? I´m sure you´ll have a real good time under the brazilian tropical sun!

Trust me, a trip to Brasil is high on my to do list! Hopefully it won’t be too long. 

Motto: “I’m not particularly afraid of ANY specific ghosts.”

Full name: Joe LoCicero

Mother agency: RED New York

LAM2 Los Angeles