Photographer João Prospiter: “Sometimes an image summarizes a whole life”

07 jun, 2014

Hello, everyone! First of all, the pleasure is all mine for the invitation to share my story with World of Models  :) family :)


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Patrick Rangel

My name is João Prospiter, 22 years old and I’m a photographer for a year and a half now. I come from a small town on the countryside of Paraná, a state on the South of Brazil.

I started only with personal photoshoots, but now I’m merging into fashion and ads photography, the areas I really enjoy working with. I actually became a photographer because my friends and relatives kept telling me I had a talent, almost a gift, when I used to shot them, objects, pets or anything else.

However it was only when I lived in New Zealand for half a year that photography came to me for real.

Concerning my style, I try to create my own way to photograph fashion though I have plenty of references — barrier breaking ones –, but the one who has influenced me since my very first beginning is the Brazilian fashion photographer Gustavo Zylbersztajn; I really identify myself with his photography as well as his story of life.






The digital age: quality and technology

Yep, for sure. . This new digital era has made everything possible in a easy way. I mean, the craziest concept can come to life in a few clicks and mouse drags, and that is really amazing! On the other hand, technology causes a concerning issue: people think their equipment is the responsible for the perfect shot, not their brains.

The worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion photography?

Everything has become pretty much the same. You no longer see the eagerness on doing, experimenting new things. Although fashion itself experienced a little recession, it is a growing market and the costumers are expecting to see new and revolutionary trends. And the fashion photographers are the keys on this process.

We have experienced several fashion photography eras: the mega productions, the grunge, the clean… And now wins the one who creates its own identity and that is what I do.  

Special moments making great pics

I never photograph alone. I always care about my teamwork: models, stylists, make up artists, assistants. So, we work together in order to create the perfect picture. And definitely one of the best feelings is when the sinergy comes to its apogee, everyone stares at the picture on my camera and see it is simply perfect. It´s amazing to see the result on everyone’s faces. Surely the best reward I earn.  

Working with the models: partnership

Actually, I feel there has been a mutual partnership. Without them my work would not have been published on magazines, blogs and other media, not to mention the visibility I have now. And for the models, I can tell I’ve done a great job for their compos and portfolios.




The Funny/unusual backstage´s moments

Probably one of the funniest ones was recently in Rio, when I wasn’t ready to shoot on the water. But there was that beautiful lake and I had to shoot there! So I had to be only on my underwears to photograph.

Other unusual situation was shooting on a snowstorm. As we are from a tropical country, we reaççu were not prepared for that at all. It may sound sadistic, but it was funny to watch our team shivering. And it was worth it :)


 Top 5 cool favorite places for a shooting

On the top of my list is Chernobyl, I actually have a full project there. Others would be the submerged cities of Pavlopetri, Greece, and Lion City, China. I would also love to go back to New Zealand and to shoot on the volcanoes of Tongariro National Park, it is simply amazing! Other dream of mine is to photograph by the Hell’s Gate in Darvaz, Uzbekistan. Anyway, I wish to photograph around the globe.


Sometimes an image summarizes a whole life.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Great question… Well, if my life has totally changed in less than two yeas, can you imagine what is going to happen in 10 years?

If could have a super power what would it be and who´s your fav super hero?

My super power would be to fly because standing on the ground is just so boring. My fav supe hero is Magneto

 Earliest childhood memory: My grandad telling me stories every afternoon. Stories which I have already taken in many photoshoot concepts from.

Nickname in school: I never had nicknames unless my surname.



Misunderstood I

The Projects

Lately I’ve been in Rio de Janeiro a lot working with many incredible professionals: models, stylists, fashion producers and so on. They have been giving my work a great visibility. And I also have plenty of workshops to do throughout Brazil.

I’ve got some brand campaigns to shoot and by the end of the year some editorials in UK and Ireland. And I have some secret projects that will change the way people see my work.

Hey, I just wanted you all who read this interview to follow my work on Instagram [@Prospiter (all mine is Prospiter btw)], that’s where I post most of my jobs and live covering of my editorials and photoshoots.

Thanks World of Models family for having me, really appreciate it! You can always count on me!

Thank you all! 

João Prospiter


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