Jim Synadinos: “ Each photographer is unique and I like to accomplish my mission and impress them with the results of our work”

11 jun, 2014

So, Geia sou ( Hello ) nice to meet you. My name is Jim Synadinos  and I am from Athens , Hellas.


Now I took residence in the most wonderful part of Washington DC, Georgetown . You will find me running to castings in NYC or having eating crazy healthy or Greek food. 




Modeling: how did all begin 

It was a couple of months after my graduation from Oxford School of Architecture, a beautiful day on Green Street in London when Alexander McQueen discovered me. Prior to this, since I was teenager several agents and photographers scouted me with no results as my family had their doubts.  Ha! 

Best thing about modeling so far is the success that comes after rejection. 

Posing to photographers 

Each photographer is unique and I like to accomplish my mission and impress them with the results of our work. Before each shoot I have plenty of water and at least 20 push ups. I feel comfortable being naked in front of camera – and by naked I presume you mean in my underwear at a minimum!

One unusual moment, shooting in London on a roof top in -13C freezing cold shirtless for like 2 hours




The runway shows 

At shows it’s madness. Madness cannot be defined but it always seems hectic and chaotic right before it all comes together perfectly.  I have worked for many fashion designers; new, old classic, conservative and legends.  My favorites? I will say two — Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford   When I walk down the runway I am in the zone – my own world.  

Male Models x Female Models: who rule this business? 

Women rule the business and that’s how it should be.  Especially the runway.  But commercially there are tons of work for men.  Just think how many editorials you can remember seeing now involving men.  We are nice accessories in the women”’ shows.  But we do have our own shows, I remind you.   

Models who I really respect and admire are the one with ethos and professionalism. And the ones who have staying power I admire. 

 France S

jim synadinos 2

6 esquire ed

Jim´s style: a fashionista? 

So many clothes to wear. Always jeans and a relaxed tee or tight shirt . High tops or boots and one of my show piece coats.   Oh my golden cross I have always on (I am still Greek!) and usually a McQueen scarf is my trademark.

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

Waiting on a line outside a big casting a friend runs into me after a year! She started screaming pretending she is a fan and asking for an autograph. Rest of models gave me a look but I took the job haha and of course I handled her very well.   

On show business 

Show business. A business that exists only in USA. Important to stay grounded and be yourself.  

Dating X Loving 

Well I am happy to tell you I am no longer on the market.

 Fav body part and why 

My eyes get the most attention, but I get comments on my hair almost every day – the blond Greek.

ed hermes



Fav underwear for your daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!) 

Briefs always, boxers are nasty 


I used to be a water polo player in University. Now I do free weights, TRX yoga and pilates… what a change!

 Having fun, enjoying life 

Live each day like is your last one, believe in yourself and make your dreams come true, live free as you choose, Find a person who deserves your love

 Favorite singer and which music you hear in your IPOD 

Tons of different kind of music but I always go back to my favorite Greek Global Superstar and friend ANNA VISSI.  I admire the way she reinvents herself and stays current.

 Fav food

Souvlaki and kale crazy combination I know




Guilty pleasure 

ice cream 

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 An Architect, Oh wait I am already one!




Nitro September 2011 Greece

The Projects 

Well I feel very lucky in my life

Many changes coming soon.  I want to thank Marianne Tamposi (New version Model Management and The Lions NYC ) for believing in me and helping me to make my American dream real and Vasso Bania ( VN Models ) for being my first mama agent

 An unforgettable moment 

When I met my love (no further details)



 Mother agency New version Model management http://www.newversionmodels.com/