Meet the model Jessica Seciliano from Joy Model Management

01 ago, 2013

Hi folks, thanks for having me! I´m Jessica Seciliano from São Paulo, Brasil.

I started modeling when I was 17 in São Paulo and I got signed to JOY Model Management. Before modeling I danced Jazz and Ballet. I also teached Ballet class during 18 months.

When I turned 18 I finished high school and quit dancing. That time I was thinking about going to university to study journalism, but the WORLD OF MODELS was stronger and guess what….here I am doing my best to be a successful model, cause I ove this career. And I also fell in love for the Performing Arts, so now I´m studying Acting. It´s an amazing art.


Every job is a new challenge. You work with so many different people, so you have to get ready and go for it!

Posing to photographers: many possibilities to achieve a great result

I like most when the photographer challenges me, when they give me the reason to try something unusual to achieve the best result.

Before posing I try to feel the concept of the idea, what´s on photographer´s mind and what the client really expects about the shooting, so we have so many great possibilities to do na awesome job!

Concerning posing naked I feel myself comfortable posing to them when we have a professional teamwork for an artisitic  proposal. As I said before, it´s just a matter of professionalism.

The catwalks, male / female models and the fashion trends

It is always fun and a huge adrenaline!  When I walk down the runway I think about many things. I love living life to the fullest and it´s cool watching the people around me,  seeing them and being watched too

Carlos Miele is an amazing stylist and I always remember him for his terrific talent.

Female models still rule this business, but this has been changing. Men are getting more exposure, we see a huge line of male  products. It´s a great market and, of course, the fashion industry is working hard for the increasing of menswear.

And as an inspiration for my modeling career I think Carolina Herrera inspired me a lot because she is an example of  strenght, wisdom and a touch of amazing elegance.

Jessica, a fashionista?

Yep, I follow the fashion trends, I enjoy using clothes that almost nobody have. It depends on my mood. Conservative and  liberal, play with the duality and also work with the self-esteem

Imagine u a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd! How would u handle it?

GRATEFUL. We have to thank everyone for the recognition of our professional job

The Fashion world

The fashion world is for those who like random opportunities, always be attentive to different and challenging opportunities  in which we have no control of the routine. It is not easy, It´s just like living in a giant wheel in which you work this week, but  maybe not next week. That´s how it Works folks.

Jessica´s style

Dating X Loving




If you could have a super power what would it be?

To fly or see through walls.I would like to have full control over my mind, understand it already would be a super power.

Who’s your favorite superhero?


Atracting someone´s attention

Being myself

Having fun, enjoying life

I like to meet friends to chat, go to snack bars, restaurants and watch films

In her IPOD

Marisa Monte (excellent technique and voice), Ivete Sangalo (friendliness and energy), Seu Jorge. I’m currently listening Pat  Metheny and Jaco Pastorius.


Italian and brazilian food

More info about Jessica Seciliano, contact her mother agency

JOY Management Brasil

Contact: Thiago Bunduky