Model Jeff Barroso: “Catwaks are cool. Wearing clothings from top brands before anyone else is a privilege”

01 ago, 2011

 Hi World of Models, it is a great pleasure for me to be a member of this family too!.

Well, my name is Jefferson Barroso, 25 years, brazilian and I was born in Campina Grande, Paraíba and I´ve been modeling since I was 20.

When I turned 19 I was invited to participate in a modeling contest in my hometown.

I won this contest and then I started working as a model to fulfill my goals. Besides modeling, I´m also a personal trainer and I enjoy it  cause it helps me alot my career as a model. 

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I spend a lot of time planning tips and exercises to my colleagues at the gym. And I feel really proud about the results we achieve!

Black models

The market for black models is increasingly widespread here in Brazil.

Working with photographers

I really like when the pictures take place outdoors, because it is always an opportunity to meet new and interesting places and also it´s easier to get into the mood and to get what the photographers really want about that shooting.

Before any work I always like to do a good stretch, loosen the body and a good laugh with the staff always helps to relax.

The catwalks

Catwaks are cool. Wearing clothings from top brands before anyone else is a privilege. It´s always a huge adrenalin on backstages and definitelly we experience some funny moments too.

A fashionista?

Not at all. I love to wear jeans, t- shirt, shoes and some accessories

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be great, but if the situation gets crazy with a huge and wild crowd (even tough my fans around me), the best way would be… away for a safer place! Lol

Show biz, Fame, Success…

I think everything in the fashion business is show business. With high status that fashion has today, the market needs to keep up the show on a high status. Success for me is being recognized by your professional work and fame is just the consequence byt not really essential.

Dating X Love

Love is part of a true friendship


My lifestyle

Atracting someone´s attention

Telling a joke is a good way to atracting someone´s attention

Having fun

Chilling out with my buddies.  wherever we are in a pub, at home….

Craziest thing in a  a summer time season

My God…hmmmmmm, next one please LOL!

Fav body part

Hair and my abs…..hmmmm, abs comes first!

In his IPOD

Marisa Monte is one of my favorite singers. And i´ve been listening to Ben Harper too

Fav food



Work, Work, Work

And that´s all folks! Thanks again for having me.


Jeff Emanuel Amorim Barroso

Mother agency Agência Team – Jan W. Models Management 

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