The World of Models´ anniversary with model Jeferson Lemke

07 dez, 2014

Hi folks, I am Jeferson Luis Lemke, aka called Jef, 23-year-old-new-adult, very calm and nature lover. However I don’t seem to be calm while practicing extreme sports. When I’m in my hometown motocross and down hill are the sports that my friends and I mostly appreciate.


My hometown, Jaraguá do Sul, is placed in the south of Brazil, has approximately 135,000 habitants and the background is based on German culture. My neighborhood is on the country side surrounded by mountains and a lot of fresh air. It’s always been difficult to leave that place.

For a near future I’m not sure about what I’m going to do but I’m really looking forward to become an actor cause always got excited while presented my performances at the high school.




Modeling: how did all begin

I’ve never thought of being a model, everything happened after a normal class day on September of 2012, a very sympathetic guy approached and asked me if I was a model,  I said no and he insisted he could help me to enter that world if I wanted.

I decided to try and he introduced me to a modeling agency in São Paulo. They liked my profile and invited me to do my first test shooting. I was totally shy and nervous that time and I felt like butterflies in my stomach hahaha, but after two hours shooting I was feeling really confident.

Jeferson Lemke_ (55)

To sum up after being a year with that agency I didn’t feel home you know, then I moved on for another agency “OFFICE IM”. They helped me to get my first international agency, “WHY NOT” a well known agency in Milano, at the same time is where I really started my modeling career in April of 2014. I stayed there for three months doing a lot of castings for the summer season, meanwhile I just stayed in option for Prada and John varvatos and didn’t get any show. It was an amazing first experience!

Moreover as I’m living in Brazil and there are fashion weeks and good brands here.  I´ve changed my agency again “FORD MANAGEMENT” is now my mother agency. I made all that changes looking forward to get better opportunities.


The best thing about being a model are the travels, cultural awareness, knowing different kind of people, making friends all around the world and not looking old fashioned.

Posing to photographers: crazy and funny poses

When working with a photographer I like to move a lot, doing some crazy poses sometimes funny ones. This may bring the difference to the pics, even when they ask me to smile with the eyes hahaha.

Before a shooting I clean my mind and fulfill it with the history and themes of the pics, it helps a lot especially when I have to be naked in front of the camera


Therefore the backstage is very important for us models.  We have our time of freedom and sometimes some funny things happen. Once I made an editorial for a magazine and the hair stylist told me he had to dye my eyebrows to blonde for some pics.  I was completely scared cause I never did that before.  When I looked into the mirror, I was so strange hahaha.

Then he said ‘I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I will bring it back the original color’  I said no no no you are kidding right? I felt completely embarrassed because after the shooting I had a dating, but thanks God he was just kidding  :)

The runway shows


Catwalks are the places where all the new faces dream about. I did my first shows in São Paulo on November 2014. I´ve walked for João Pimenta and Osklen both are well known brands here in Brazil. It was an amazing first experience.


When I´m walking down a runway I try to be focused on every step.

Dumbest thing I´ve ever heard that Brazilian guys don’t work just party hahaha

Male models x Female models

I think in a future not too far we  are going to have the same exposure as the female ones, but women still rule this business.

My favorite male model is David Gandy and female the glamorous Gisele Bündchen, both inspired me my every day life on that career.

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Jeferson´s wearing style

I’m not a fashionista, on the other hand I love to wear some crazy clothes but with some kind of style. It all depends on my mood.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Probably  I would try to escape to a safe place hahaha, but I´d  sign autographs, kisses and so on. It´s so nice to have fans, it means you are doing a good job. And for those ones who want to follow me, here is my Instagram Jefi28 :).

On show biz

The show business is a good way to entertain people and also an awesome advertising path for those who are participating. One day I would like to be there :)


Dating x Loving

In terms of loving, I like to date a lot before in many places to see if the girl is really interested and if so, I will be ready to have something more seriously. Even though it’s very difficult cause we travel a lot. Meanwhile I never had a girlfriend :( yet :).

Superpower and superhero

If I had a super power I would like to fly cause then I could be always the first one on the casting line hahaha.

My favorite super hero is the FLASH.

Attracting someone’s attention, having fun and enjoying the life

I look into their eyes very deeply and freezing.

My way to have fun is being with friends or dating some girls while I’m not engaged and trying to enjoy every minute as there is no tomorrow, cause that minute will never come back.


Craziest thing in a summer time season

Craziest thing I’ve ever made in summer season was with my hometown friends. We climbed the highest mountain of my neighborhood in the night, wooow this was unbelievable!

Fav body part and underwear

My abs cause they remember me how difficult is to stay in shape.

My favorite underwear for daily activities is a stripped GAP piece and for the hot moments my  Calvin Kleins.

A childhood memory and nickname in the school

My first dog, his name was DUCK. My nickname in the school was JECO.

Food and Music

Pasta, Greek food and Italian food

Favorite singer is Calvin Harris with the songs “Feel so Close” and “Summer”.

Guilty pleasure

Eating nutella every day




An unforgettable moment

My last travel to Milano was awesome made a lot of friends and had so much fun.

Yourself in 10 years

I see myself into a movie, making somebody laughing, crying, be scared whatever.


“Always be as transparent as water” Unknown.

Next chapters

Focusing on my modeling career around the world and improve my dedication and commitment. At the same time being an actor, if possible.



Mother agency: FORD MANAGEMENT