Photographer Jayden Fey: “Fashion is a world where we embrace Magic to be part of our existence and feel beautiful”

10 set, 2016


Hi Ed! Thank you for having me today at World of Models! It’s a great honor. Right now i’m in an airplane or I should say Airbus on my way to London for a little business trip. Damn these seats are too small! Got a nice view though. Never the less!



Let me introduce myself to the readers, my name is Jayden Fey I’m 24 years old. I grew up in the Netherlands and I’m based in Amsterdam.

When you ask me how I got interested in photography I start to think of the first time I encountered with a visual device to capture a moment. I usually took my dads camera without permission, until my parents decided that I could keep it. However 2 weeks later it broke lol.


I started making pictures with disposable camera’s — until my 18th birthday   when my sister bought me my   first   DSLR   camera. This ultimately triggered my ambition to become a professional photographer.

I started making pictures of friends and family, and learned to control my editing skills in photoshop and more through out school years at the local photography academy. 


At the age of 19 I gave my story’s names like ‘’forrest and sadness’’ or ’’love is devine’’  I soon wanted to create a certain art. ‘’to make one look beautiful – as it’s the only way I see a person.’’  But I wasn’t aiming for realism. I was aiming for Magic.

 My style has it’s variations giving the circumstances all together. It depends on what the client wants; something more natural, original, vintage, or to connect with a wider range of people by advertising. 


Fashion is a world where we embrace Magic to be part of our existence and feel beautiful.   My influence has for a long time been lyrics and sound throughout music.

I would listen to a  piano play   and  see this self created world. I would  in  my  way collaborate with the Artist  (from Classical Orchestra to Chris Brown and back to Lana del Rey) I would physically hand draw a story of wich I would capture later on.


Also I find photographer Koray Birand to be a great inspiration aside to my other inspiring fellow artists such as Steven Klein and Mariano Vivanco. All very different from eatch other, but they each have a specific skill that connects with my state of mind. Birand is colorfull, Klein is dark and kind of crazy, Vivanco appeals to the human form/body (he makes shooting nudes look easy)

 Digital era really helped the photographers?

That’s a good question, because it’s definitely easier to make pictures   and   the  quality aspect got a great boost by new technology. I mean like; Thank the Aliens for SD cards, Photoshop  etc  lol.  

However, if it specifically helped the photographers  — that’s difficult to answer. These days the competition is    very   big.   Many people are quick to call themselves a photographer. 





Nevertheless I live by the motto  ‘’ it is, what it is’’  and ‘’do whatever makes you happy’’ So no offense to anyone!

Working with models: a real and professional partnership

I absolutely love the diversity of the models that I’ve been working with lately. Most of them are still quite young but already very professional. for example Olaf Adan.





He’s like the most enthusiastic person I’ve met in a while. He was literally dancing to get rid of some energy. He was either making jokes or acting the clown but when he stood in front of the camera, his astonishing sharp look only said we are shooting.

Also it’s cool to witness a rising star like Thijs Latten. I can already picture him posing for a Versace campagne shoot. His look fits perfectly with there image. 

Also Tim Van Riel has a great international look he’s bound to work with great projects I think he has this jaw dropping effect because of his natural smokey eyes.


I scouted my first model when I was 15. I’m talking about Aisha Kazumba. 


She’s a beautiful woman and has this look of a young Naomi Campbell. Of course —  at that time — I had no connection with an agency. But from that moment on   I did scout a lot of people. I had a shoot with them and gave them the confidence to reach out and sign up for a modeling agency.


I remember introducing Matthijs Kaspers to Tony Jones Model Management.






He was kind of nervous but got signed right there on the spot! After a few months he invited me to visit him in Milan. he told me ‘’I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for you! Nice to have you around’’ we had a lot of fun over there. great experience too! 

When you ask me what I really feel about it all. I think it’s cool to see someone bloom up like that. Most models that haven’t been scouted yet don’t   really    know  there potential in this industry.    There almost never insecure, but often shy because they’re   not   at   all   busy    with how they look.  They are so unique —  really,  that it separates them from the rest.  After selected and signed with an agency I think it’s amazing to see that same flower bloom in a confident and self aware humanbeeing.


But to be honest I’ve seen a lot of models grow now —  doing projects I’m still dreaming of doing. Sometimes it kind of sucks that as a photographer it’s not that easy to get recognition. But eventually in every case scenario, nothing falls from the sky — you gotta make shit happen, work hard, face rejections and keep moving forward.

 I also know Marlijn Hoek  from my hometown


she’s a very beautiful woman, inside out. We made some cool pictures. I remember telling her she was going to be big —  I really meant — f*cking big. but  at the time   she didn’t dare to think so. Now she has worked with Elle, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret and doing Hunkemöller campaigns aside to Doutzen Kroes!    I’ve always had this urge to scout or see true art in the diversity of certain human beings. And I salute everyone’s accomplishments.

Special moments making perfect pics

It’s absolutely my main goal during a shoot! haha. Most of the time I explain my ”fashion story” to the models somewhere in the beginning or throughout the shoot to elaborate the story line.

This way the model can know how to express the current situation or even better — let it come naturally. I also set the emotion by selecting music upfront which keeps the situation alive and helps the models to stay in that certain mood.




In some cases  we’re bound to make the shot at the count of three —  with for example  a scene with  confetti  bomb / hair sweeping / jumps, you name it!  But  all  to  make  the  picture come to life.

Top 5 cool favorite places for a shooting and why

My top five places… Mmm let me think;  

1. New York, I love the city. love the buildings. love the diversity. I love it all.

2. Italy, I just love the food, culture and I can stare at the architecture/sculptures for hours — the details are amazing.

3. Aruba. It’s where I originally come from and I love the island; especially the white sand and blue sea.

4.Africa, who doesn’t love Africa. Unfortunatly I haven’t had the luxury to go and see the lion king over there.

5. Amsterdam, no place like home right :)

 Rio is on my list! :)







Well, if done right; absolutely! Especially when the setting gives you room to think of many conceptions about the story. These images are priceless and often get in tone by a Title. My goal is to capture an image that makes you look twice because of various reasons depending of the story. lately I will try to make you wonder. as I try to capture a mysterious scenario setting.

The Projects

Currently I’ve been working as a creative director and photographer at the same time. I’m working with various designers and fresh faces represented by various model agencies such as; New Generation Model Management and Elite Model Management.  Together with my team we are making stories come to life. The stories have been published in a various magazines such as Adon Magazine, MMscene magazine Desire Homme magazine etc. I’m also collaborating with Kim Grifhorst. She’s Head of Sales in Europe for Black Pyramid by Chris Brown and Vie Riche + Paris.

Right now im meeting a friend Tom Mojet, he’s a tailor based in London we’re about to discuss upcoming campaign shoots. I’m also working with designer: Allan Vos next week. I have an exciting concept in store.      


  A very special moment in my career s was probably when I published my website for the first time.   Or that moment when celebrity; Chris Brown shared my picture and it got like a million likes lol.   


Thank you for having me!  Looking forward seeing you in Rio! Hope to be there very soon. And also to all the readers thank you and wish you all the best of luck and successes to gain! Let’s stay in touch a  Warm Regards, Jayden Fey

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Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor